Calling All Triathletes

I’m interested in communicating with Type I Triathletes to discuss training, racing, nutrition, and managing BG levels during 70.3 races.

I’ve done everything from sprints to full iron. Last year I did 3 halfs. This year I’m signed up for 2, and another full iron. Feel free to reply here or message me w/ questions about training/racing strategies. Have you completed a 70.3 yet? If so, how many? If not, what have you done triathlon-wise? What race are you looking at? Are you ‘in it to win it’ or are you just there to complete it and do it with great BG management?

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I’m a t2 trigeek but check w/ triabetes there a lot of T1 training and doing races there. what half are you training for?

In 2009 I did 14 races including St. Anthony’s, Escape from Alcatraz and Augusta 70.3. This season I’m currently registered for St. Anthony’s, Alcatraz, and Miami 70.3. I’ll probably also do another 70.3, several Olympics and a few Sprints. I’m not on a pump. I use Lantus with Humalog as needed. I can normally control BG levels in Sprints and Olympic distance races but have difficulty during 70.3s. I’ve been doing 70.3 races for 10 years and just can’t seem to get it right. I’m good through the bike and then tend to crash and burn on the run…especially racing in the Florida heat.

I have a friend that does MDI rather than pumping and he runs ultramarathons and long course tris (halves and fulls). Let me ask him to see what he does as far as his basal insulin and I’ll get back to you. I know for me I have to nearly turn my basal all the way off for the run b/c I become so insulin sensitive.