Can a cgm help you learn to control stress?

dr. bernstein has written about how his blood sugar would shoot up before he had to give a speech. i am wondering if people with cgm’s have found their blood sugar to start to go up during daily stressful events. if so, did seeing evidence of that stress on your cgm help you to consciously try to relax, like a kind of biofeedback?

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It probably varies. If it leads you to obsess every waking minute over your blood sugar, that might not be a good thing. Although Bernstein does not recommend a pump he seems pretty positive about CGMs. But then again Bernstein would encourage you to obsess over your blood sugar. And in the end, rising blood sugar due to stress is a lagging effect, if you really want to use calming techniques you need to do that before it has an effect on blood sugar.

For me the only stress it reduces is the stress of not knowing what my BG is. But if I’m presenting in front of 50 people nothing reduces my stress other than being well prepared.

Yeah. I hate that stance. I am eternally thankful to Kamen for pumps. (autosyringe).

Actually, Dean Kamen just made it more wearable and brought it to market, it was invented more than a decade earlier by Arnold Kadish. Often we attribute inventions to single individuals, but many people contribute. The same thing can be said about how the artificial pancreas is emerging. There really isn’t a single inventor.

Uhh, the blood sugar is high is noticed when the stressful event is passed. Does reinforce the notion that stress will raise BG. Do hot flashes raise BG? Sooo not biofeedback but a reminder about the cost of stress.