Can Insulin Cause Cancer?

Can Insulin Cause Cancer??? I just read some articles… and… wait what!? I mean, I know cancer can happen for many reasons but… insulin? what do you guys think?

I wrote about this not too long ago. Questions, just ask.

it really doesn’t matter. sometimes the disease actually is worse than the cure.


The way it was explained to me is there is a receptor that is similar to the insulin receptor and can attract an insulin molecule with the end result that cancer is possible. This was a big hot point when Levemir came to market. Apparantly Levemir has a much lower affinity towards this receptor that is similar to the insulin receptor than does Lantus. This proved to be some heavy marketing by NovoNordisk that was a little misleading. Basically the affinity of insulin to it’s appropriate receptor is so much higher than the affinity to this other receptor that it would be highly unlikely to see Levemir or Lantus actually binding to it. There was also some inconclusive research that suggested Lantus may cause cancer but most experts agreed that this is not the case.

I still say that with all the phenol in it, how can it not provoke problems in some people? Just break a vial and smell.

No doubt. I don’t think I really want to know if it causes cancer…the only alternative is death.

Cresol I think it has which is a double phenol. Not sure how good this is ?