Can insulin expire if its out of the Novopen 3 container?

Hi, I hope this isn't a stupid question, here goes:

I've been using the NovoRapid Penfill with the NovoPen 3 container (one that's commonly mistaken for a TV remote control) for 7 years now, and sometimes it doesn't fit my bag so I tend to just carry the Pen? Lately I realized that it smells different after a period of time, so is it possible that the insulin is expired, tampered, or any chance different?

Thank you so much in advance.
Paeng C.

NovoRapid/Novolog penfill says on the label that it only lasts 28 days once you take it out of the refrigerator. It has nothing to do with the container...just on how long it has been at room temperature. I hope it isn't 7 years old! :)

See the directions here:

After using NovoRapid®
NovoRapid® Penfill® cartridges that
are not being used should be stored
between 2°C and 8°C in a
refrigerator (not in or too near the
freezer section or cooling element).
The NovoRapid® Penfill® that you
are using in your insulin delivery
system, or that you are carrying as a
spare, should not be kept in a
refrigerator. You can use it up to 4
weeks below 30°C after taking it out
of the refrigerator. Discard
NovoRapid® Penfill® after 4 weeks
even if there is still some
NovoRapid® left in it.
The NovoRapid® in NovoRapid®
Penfill® must not be frozen, or
exposed to heat or direct sunlight.
Protect the NovoRapid® in
NovoRapid® Penfill® from light by
keeping the cartridges in the
carton when not in use.
Never use NovoRapid® Penfill®
after the expiry date printed on
the label and carton.
Never use NovoRapid® Penfill® if
the solution is not clear and

Thank you so much, it was very helpful. :) And not to worry it is not 7 years old. I just carry two sometimes when I travel and always end up using just one. Now I know to throw the other one out.

My Endo said that older insulin isn't as effective. Once it expires it doesn't work at the same streght. I usually go through all my insulin well in advance of it expiring but the box has a date on it. you might want to check the vial it might even have a date stamped on it.