Can someone help?

Well I am on levemir and novorapid.
I am taking my levemir at dinner time so around 18:00 to 18:30 all 14 units at that time and before I was on 11 units taken same time all at once but kept waking up really high so since I changed to 14units now being a week tomorrow I keep waking up at 6am with hypos so I treat my hypo and have breakfast at the same time.I know lazy me so I eat breakfast and take my novorapid so that I wont wake up with high reading and it has worked but the thing is I go back to sleep wake up and then my levels are either low or they just keep getting higher and higher right now I am running at 17mmol :O.
But is it because I need to take more novorapid with snacks because its a long time to stay hungry from 6am till lunch time whenever that might
Anyone who can advice I would appreciate it.

Hi Osob,

For many people, Levemir will not last the entire 24 hour period. Many people find that splitting your total dose in half and taking half in the morning, half in the evening is a better way to get more level BGs. In your case, you might take 7 units (14/2) in the morning, and 7 at night.

Your Novorapid is a different story. It may well be that your dosing is off for the novorapid, but until you get your basal insulin (Levemir) right, it will be hard to tell. I would suggest that you try to get the Levemir figured out ASAP, and then you can take a critical look at how will the Novorapid is working.

Be safe, and don’t worry: you’ll get this figured out.


Thanks Brett,
A lot of people have said that its better if its split but my nurses are not having any of it just want to keep me on the one dose even though i said it might be better to split it,I think they are looking more at the case of having to take yet another inject but as long as it works i am not bothered.
I`ve been having problems with my levemir ever since I started on it.

But I will get it figured.
Thank you