Can you hear me now?

WOW! ITS Really AMAZING! How the wonders of technology.From ringing out diapers and using ketone sticks. Which numbers were reading old urine thats been sitting for who knows how long.I can say this has been the best 8 weeks of my life since 1994 of March. Diabeties wise. It was like getting dx all over again.But with my team my Brother, cde, and parents there 24/7. Life is really great. or I can just sit and wonder WHY ME OR MY BROTHER. Or anyone else on TU COMMUNITY OR AROUND THE WORLD. Got this.Or take this as a MISSION FROM GOD… To spread the word of Diabeties.And raise funds and awareness.And be glad it can be controlled mdis or insulin pumps. And testing meters thanks to technology.Well take care,and i just wanted everyone to know . CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW???5.6 THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.We will get there with Faith, hope and even a little bit of pixie dust our dream will be REALITY !!!