Can you take insulin out of a pod?

For example, if a pod expires or malfunctions, and there is still insulin left in it, is it possible to extract the remaining insulin out of it? I can't imagine wasting insulin.

Yes, you can extract the insulin. I will take it out using the syringe that is supplied with the pod and then add it to my current vial and then draw from the vial to fill the new pod. I sometimes will do this (if it's just a day or two in) sometimes I'll just pitch it.

I do this pretty much every time. Well, unless there is a lot of blood. I get a little skittish about that.

I've done it. Not sure I am supposed to, but I'm cheap ... I mean thrifty.

I normally do, especially if it's days worth of insulin. It's not usually recommended but I justify it by keeping the insulin as a last resort source. If you're that needful of all the insulin you have, it'd be best to ask your physician for a prescription that provides extra insulin for such cases. Simply explain that the pod sometimes malfunctions and that insulin is "wasted."

We do each and every time. My daughter never uses all the insulin that we put into the pod . We pay alot of money for insulin so we do not waste it. We draw it out through the same hole we put it in. Then add more from the vial to reach the minimum that needs to be put into the new pod.

I discard insulin with expired pods. I may try to extract it if the pod failed on filling, but running a sterile needle into a 3 day old pod that's been hanging out on my body, in the pool, at the gym, etc seems like asking for infection or cross contamination when I insert the same needle into my insulin vial.
My advice would be to weigh the cost of pods vs insulin and calculate wasted insulin vs maximizing pod life... it's definitely a trade off.

Although I hear it's possible, I've never actually been able to get any. I get mostly air with a drop or two of insulin (and that's with 20+ units left in it). It seems like I toss an average of 15-20 units with each change.

I was wondering about this. If you have a little insulin already IN the syringe how to you put more insulin in the syringe? Since you have to pull back to fill the syringe with air and then put the air into the vial how does that all work?? (I hope that question makes sense.)

I've had to play with the pod some to get insulin out. Turn it one way and then the other.

I do not put air into the vial until after I extract the insulin I need and inject it into the pod. You only have to put air in the vial to keep the pressure from building insid. e

I have talked with my Dr. and she seems to be okay with what I am doing. I actually learned how to do it from others in our support group. We just use alcohol swabs to clean the old pod and I also wipe the needle before putting it into the new pod. We have a high deductible so we pay alot of money for insulin. This is one way to save.

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