Can your A1C be TOO low?

I have seen the Nutiva stuff before. How much protein is in one serving?

Hi Mark!

That is interesting. So, with a low 4.3 you didn’t need the met anymore? Bonking? Meaning it was making you go too low?

thanks bikette! Yes, people tell me I look 10 years younger than I am. Although honestly this D is making me look older! :slight_smile:

I have been a veg for 20 years so there is no way I could eat meat again. I don’t want to either. Even though I know protein wise it is the easier route. I would get severe stomach cramps if I did. I tried to go back to eating some cheese for extra protein right after I was diagnosed and I started getting bad earches (I have bad ears - I wear hearing aids) and my post nasal drip returned which I can’t stand. So my protein options are soy and hemp and nuts. I might try some cheese again and see how it does but I am getting the feeling my body can’t handle it any more.

Yep, we all know TOO much about food. :slight_smile:

My guess is Type 2s have more protection than Type 1s, at least in the early stages, because you are not on insulin or oral meds. Your body still manufactures glucose in response to too much insulin (put out by the body) so no danger of hypos. I think the reduction in A1c is fabulous, but double-check with the endo. There are high calorie options for low carbers as well, such as nuts, seeds and cheese, cream in coffee instead of milk, etc. if you want to put on weight. And, with an A1c that low, maybe you can add more carbs to your diet. I would.

Nutiva hemp protein powder has 15 grams protein per serving (4 TBS). Nutiva has two hemp protein powder products. There’s another with extra fiber that has less protein–11 grams.

Oooo, Perfect! I am going to be looking for that stuff! Dare I hope it is considered a grocery item so I can use my food stamps to pay for it? :slight_smile: I hope they have at my WF.

I would rather get the hemp than the soy. But I am trying to get max protein for min carbs so I pick based on that (and price!)


I am guessing you don’t like any of those? :slight_smile:

Whole Foods should have it. I’d think it would be considered a grocery item since it’s food & not a supplement. Hope so!

Ah ha! Ok! :slight_smile:

The hemp that Gerri and I are talking about is the edible part of the plant - not smokable and nothing will happen to you. :slight_smile: Very nutritional and high in protein.

Yes. When on met, I was light headed and my BG dropped into the 50’s (really low for me) when excercising really hard (which I had to do to lose weight to get a low A1c). So, I got off the met, and things were OK again.

How long were you on Met before you went off of it? Are you on something else now or nothing else?

I was on Met about 60 days. I am on Actos now which my doctor says is a “preventative for your beta cells.” I have serious doubts about that, but am being compliant for the moment. I have not noticed any significant change in A1c with the actos.

After reading this post, I stumbled across a group for you It’s specifically for thin T2 folks.

Hey carb,

yes, I am already on that group but thanks! :slight_smile:

Well, I guess you could go the rope route if you want but it might block you up! :slight_smile: (all that rope fiber!) LOL!