What was your last A1c reading?

My A1c always is a 6.8 and 7.0 and my Dr. feels that it needs to be in the 5.0 area. I feel that I would have way too many lows at 5.0 and we get in to this discussion every time my blood is taken. I am happy with where I am (maybe could go a little lower) but will definitely not go to 5.0. This is why I am curious to see what other's have for their readings...thx

Wow, most doctors seem to be the opposite: they expect too little from us and are happy with anything under 7.0. I’m assuming you’re type 1? There are certainly type 1’s in the “5% club”. If they can do it without lows that’s amazing! For me, all things considered, I eat medium low, not low carb and my last A1C was 6.3 which I’m quite pleased with. If I can get it closer to 6.0 I’d be happy, but I’m not willing to do what I would need to get it into the 5s.

I’m a T2 and my latest A1C was 6.1…my doctor was pleased but I’m really concerned about complications so I’m trying to get lower.

I’m surprised your Endo would want you a1c that low. A few times I’ve had 5% a1cs and my Endo said to get it back up to 6% because for T1 5% is too low.

why wouldn’t lower be better Betty? I guess I don’t understand much about it other than what my doctor said for me to do. Is there a different acceptable level for T1 vs T2?

Seriously? This is the first time I’ve heard something about a “too low” A1c… As a T1 I aim at an A1c as close to physiological range as possible… :slight_smile:
I think there’s nothing wrong about having a low A1c. I can imagine your Endo might be concerned about frequent hypoglycemia, which can cause your A1c to be low. But if you don’t have hypos all the time (:-)) I don’t see any reason for raising A1c… did your endo tell you why it should be too low for a T1?

TuAnalyze shows A1Cs for many states. A1C average in MA is 6.8%.

I’ve only been at this 2 years since I was dx’ed and that a1c was 13.8. My last a1c on MDI was 5.7 and I don’t have too many lows. The biggest thing I did to get it down is to inject about 45 mins before eating this keeps my bs below 180@ 2hrs post meal mostly about 140. Oh, I use Lantus and Novolog.

hey, my last A1C was 5.8 and i only get lows maybe like 3-4 a week but I’m still considered to be in the “honeymoon” period. I’m 10 months along.

i was at 9.2 :o( but im getting control of things better now… i had alot of fears of it going low and whatnot but im overcoming them so we will see what my next a1c is… its gotta be better the 9.2… i was keeping it at a average of like 270! now its like 200 or less

Can I switch doctors with you? My last A1c was 5.2 & I’m scheduled for another next week. My doctor shook his head at me & so did the podiatrist. I showed him my logs as evidence that I didn’t have staggering lows, some but not frequently & not severe.

My goal is to be as close to normal as possible. I smile sweetly & ignore my doctors on raising it,

{Duck, great that the lowest you go is 80 since that’s normal BG.)

I’m paying more attention lately to standard deviation. As we all know, A1c is just an average that doesn’t tell the entire picture with highs/lows balancing each other out. Docs who go solely by A1c without checking log data have no idea if we’re doing well or not.

My mother is a diabetic also and she gets around 6.8 like I do. It used to be lower but she used to pass out quite frequently from low blood sugar (one at the store face first in to a head of lettuce).

My Dr. said that I should be below a 6 but both my mother and myself will have way too many lows. I guess that since each of us have different metabolisms there is not one set number but a range of numbers to try to stay in. I refuse to go under 6.0 because I don’t feel well and my Doctor and i argue back and forth…

T2. Latest a1c was 5.0. I get lows but only from strenuous exercise and it ruturns to normal within a minute or so of rest.


What is the standard deviation for a true T1 that you would call excellent?

My last one was 6.8, down from 7.7 in February. I was at a 5 once, a few weeks after the birth of my first child. I was low constantly, and it was very uncomfortable. I’d say around a 6 would be a reading, but 5, forget it. I tortured myself for a reason with a 5, my daughter. But now, never.

Ask your doc for his A1C and see what it is. Then the 2 of you can strive for a 5 together. Wonder if he’d go for it?

Do you know what the range would be for a person without Diabetes?


That’s kind of a loaded question because someone’s SD could be low when they’re consistently high or low, as long as they remain in the same general BG range.

I think, & I hope someone corrects me if I’m off-base, a SD of 20 would be good. Lower would be excellent, but we’re not robots.

Less than 5.7 is considered “normal”. 5.7-6.0 is pre diiabetic if you consider that an actual condition.


Thanks for quoting a number anyway. I look at SD as the true measure of BG control. Mean BG and A1C is more of a choice.