Canada: CRA reverses course on disability tax credit eligibility for diabetics

So how does one qualify under the 14 hour rule? I just looked at the CRA website for how to qualify and the activities I do not think would equal 14 hours per week.

"What diabetes-related activities are covered?

To qualify for the DTC you must spend a minimum of 14 hours per week on activities directly related to managing your T1D.

“With children, the 14-hour-per-week eligibility criteria can usually be met by combining the parent and child’s time,” says Fretz.

According to the CRA website, the following activities qualify in the 14-hour-per-week calculation:

  • Checking blood glucose levels
  • Preparing and administering the insulin
  • Calibrating necessary equipment
  • Testing ketones
  • Keeping a log book of blood glucose levels"

There’s been much lively discussion about this elsewhere on this forum. My impression is that those who qualify usually have other qualifying disabilities, so the total of one’s time spent devoted to one’s health can easily meet the requirements. It seems that most of us who are “just” diabetic are fresh outta luck.