Can't make sense of way my numbers are so high

I have been counting carbs, taking my medicine and my numbers are still high. could someone with experience with this disease please give me some insight. Thanks

Give us some info.

What are your numbers?

What do you eat?

What meds do you take?

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Noticed that you’re recently diagnosed & often meds need adjustments, so please don’t hesitate to call your doctor.

Many things can effect BG. Hormones are a biggie, so this could be tied to your cycle. Getting sick is another. Sometimes those numbers start to climb from an infection before we actually feel ill. Stress is another BG booster. Then we stress from seeing those high numbers–more stress–so not fair! Some people see a rise if they don’t get enough rest for several days. Activity level effects it, if you’re not being as active as you were previously.

Other times meds seem to stop working as well & your doctor may want to change you to something else, if increasing your dose doesn’t work.

Check the expiration dates of your meds. It’s not unusual to have a bad batch.

Then there are just times when, for no apparent reason, there are highs. Yea, I know, that’s no fun at all.

How high is high? For how long? Has it been steadily increasing? Please don’t worry if this has just been for a couple of days because that just happens. But if you’ve been seeing a steady increase over time, contact your doctor.

I’m Type 1 so don’t take oral meds. When I see my numbers creeping up & can’t tie it to anything, I lower my carbs because that works for me. If you’re following the typical ADA dietary guidelines, a lot of people have trouble keeping their BG in good range eating that many carbs. Just counting the carbs isn’t enough if it’s too high for your system to handle.

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If you’re relying on the medication to bring your blood sugar down, that may be the problem. Think of it as a supplement to help your body’s own resources, but never rely on it. Controlling type two diabetes is mostly about knowledge and hard work. In other words, it’s about learning what foods are better than others for helping to lower insulin resistance. It’s about daily exercise… the more, the better. I’ve posted several helpful tips here and there on this site, Yahoo! Answers, and my own webpage. Visit my profile, and click around. You’ll see that I’m into a primarily raw, natural foods based plan that is designed to furnish my body with essential nutrients without overwhelming it with “empty” carbs. Avoiding fruits, in the beginning, was one of my biggest mistakes. I will explain later. Right now, I have to go to work. Take care,