Canula Discomfort

I changed my inset three days ago. Every time I would bolus before a meal i would feel discomfort in my abdomin where my canula was at. Last night i kept giving myself more insulin to correct; but bg kept going up. I finally changed out inset. When I pulled out inset I was expecting it to be bent but it wasn't. I have a good bit of scarring on my abdomen from surgeries.

Any idea what would have caused the discomfort and rising bg?

When you have discomfort or something just seems off...change your infusion set.
Also make sure your pump is set for slow delivery this could help with the delivery pain.

I have some reinforcing material under the surface and never place infusion...set on
top of this area...

After I pulled out the inset there is a hard knot in that area. I guess this will go away after a few days.

I have a Animus Ping and I don't see anywhere to adjust the delivery. It delivers in whole units now.

Thanks for your reply.