Cardiac autonomic neuropathy

I’be been reading a lot about CAN Cardiac autonomic neuropathy and the ADA’s statement that all type I diabetics should be screened for CAN within 5 years of dx and Type II should be screened for CAN at the time of dx. Have any of you been screened for CAN?

I have CAN.

How did they diagnose it?

They ruled it all other heart problems I could have had. When it turned out it was nothing else, they decided my symptoms were caused by the diabetes. I have neuropathy in heart, feet, and bladder. In my heart, it causes skipping of beats and a rapid heart rate. I have to take toprol xo and cardizem la daily. I was seeing my cardiologist every 3 months, but just last week he moved that to every 6 months as my heart is starting to stabilize now that my sugars are under better control. My most recent A1C is 7.0 which was done yesterday. Down from 8.5 it was 3 months ago. Oh and they found my heart was skipping beats as I could feel it so when I told the doctor he ordered a holter monitor for 24 hours to confirm it. My heart skips something like every 4th beat.

I was under the impression that coreg was preferred over other beta blockers in diabetics.

The CAN question came to mind after reading and article by Dr. Vinik. I only have a pdf copy. I will try to upload it so you can (no pun) read it.
8680-DiabeticCAND.pdf (411 KB)

I don’t know on other medications. I know with me I have to be careful becasue I also have asthma. Will all my health problems we always have to walk a fine line about what I can and can’t take. This combo of medications have been working well for me for about a year.