Caring for diabetes on a sail boat?

So my boyfriend told me the other day that he wants to sail to the Bahamas in a few years…we have to save money and such. I can’t seem to find any thing on diabetes and sailing. What should I take? I realize I need to take all the things I would if I’m going a normal vacation but he’s talking about going for three or six months, how do I get what I need for meds for that long? I have type 1 and have never been gone this long before. What else should I take with me? Will the sail boat frig hold all of my meds and the food we need? Is there a meter that is good for the salt water air? I want to be prepared for this…any help would be great or if you can show me some sites for this, that would be great! Thanks - Theresa

I have Lantus and Humalog pens. They come in packs of 5 so depending on what your dosage is they might last the whole trip.

I have those too, but my doses are high. I’m wandering if my doctor can get me more then what she gives me now for the trip or if she can’t or won’t, where else might I get it?

I bet your monthly prescription is for a little bit more than you actually need. The insurance companies that I dealt with allowed me to refill after 24 days. You should be able to build up a 6 month stash over time.

We actually have a member who has type 1 and lives on a sailboat and sails all over the world… click here to see his profile and click here to read a discussion.

I was never on a boat for so long, but I did study abroad for 4 months to a year and had to get all my supplies in advance. My insurance was OK with it.

This talkfest is worth a listen:

“Are you prepared for an emergency ? You will be, after today’s show. From major disasters on the scale of hurricane Katrina and 9-11, to the not-so major emergencies like traffic jams and airport delays, people with Diabetes must take special care in preparing for the unexpected.”

This is the link.

Talks about everyting you should have in special circumstances. Worth a listen.
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