Catholic schools with T1D

Whenever I run into a problem for my daughters care, I always know I could depend on this community for help and guidance.

My daughter is now entering kindergarten in Catholic school where a nurse is provided for the school day. However, I am running into a problem obtaining aftercare services (being able to stay at school till 5-6pm) due to the fact that there isn’t a nurse on-site. Is there anything I can do to get around that? Is there any protective laws in the Catholic school realm l that can help possibly fund for a nurse if money is an issue?

What does the school say about your request?

This might not be a popular opinion or what people might not want to hear but…

A lot of the after school programs are extra programs and don’t necessarily have funding for a nurse. Nurses are expensive for schools to provide.

Years ago at my nieces school they had an after school program that was run by the PTA. They had had this program for years. There was a T1D child that wanted to enroll in it and the parent demanded a nurse be there. The program could not afford to pay for a nurse so the whole program was shut down.

A Catholic school might get help funding but it is a private school and to afford a nurse they would have to probably raise the rates to every child to make up for the extra costs or pull costs from another area.

You can try to talk to them and see if there is a solution, but it probably is a financial decision for the school.

Thank you for your insight. Thankfully, the nurses and administration came together and extended nurse coverage into aftercare hours. God is good

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