Cellular Activation Therapy - I'm a little skeptical?

I recently came across this website which claims:

"American Diabetes Therapy Centers are focused on the treatment of Chronic Diabetes. We provide weekly insulin therapy that is necessary to move the sickest of diabetics to a state of wellness. We are able to achieve this by our patented therapy called Cellular Activation Therapy.

Diabetes is a disease of improper metabolism; the inability to metabolize carbohydrates effectively.

Cellular Activation Therapy (CAT) allows the body to metabolize carbohydrates and promote ATP (Energy).

Cellular Activation Therapy (CAT) is the only treatment proven to stop, retard and in most cases reverse the chronic complications of diabetes.

CAT is clinically proven to be safe and effective in shifting body wide metabolism toward normal by reawakening enzyme pathways and providing better cellular energy production and use.

CAT is an insulin therapy that is delivered intravenously through an FDA approved insulin pump called the Bionica Insulin Pump. The Bionica Insulin Pump mimics the pancreas by delivering insulin 7 times baseline every 4 to 6 minutes. This is required to stimulate the liver and reawaken dormant carbohydrate metabolism.

Cellular Activation Therapy will help patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Secondary complications of diabetes that are stopped or reversed"


I was wondering if anyone has any insight into this? This is the first time I've heard of it. I'm also having a hard time relating to how, exactly, this relates to me (type 1)? Maybe because I haven't been up on my research lately, I'm not as knowledgeable about this as I should be but just wondering what other people's thoughts are.

A snake oil salesman by any other name. . .

I would think if there was a proven therapy to stop and reverse complications, it would be plastered all over the place. . .

I smell snake oil to. Anything this miraculous would be on the evening news.

They seem to have some research to back up their claims… http://www.americandiabetestherapy.com/research… which is probably very interesting… I don’t know if they’re applying whatever technique this is appropriately, though… Who knows. Quackery knows no bounds. lol

OK, Maybe I dismissed this as quackery too quickly, BUT

1.-It's not covered by health insurance

2-There are only 2 facilities that they know are doing this treatment

3-We've known for a painfully long time that IV insulin was the way to go, but it makes for a life dedicded to traeting your D, something most of us can't do, things like jobs, families, ect ect ect take time away from the constant vigile intensive IV treatment would require.

That NIH study looked interesting though, I'm going to have to print it out and bring it to my next endo appt and ask him about this. The fact that there are only facilities in CA and NV looked a bit strnge to me, and I do have to wonder how much each therapy session would cost, maybe it's something on the horizon????

Who knows... I'm with you, though. I agree...

Notice that they use the term FDA cleared, not FDA approved.

I just found this 10 year old thread, but thought I would respond anyway. To Gerri’s concern first, the term FDA cleared refers to a device; the device they use is cleared. The FDA does not approve a treatment.

The reality is; in America, the medical industry is a top down structure. A new treatment, device, or medication typically is developed by a major manufacturer who has an unlimited budget for clinical trials and has the means and experience to dot every i, cross every t and check all the boxes to get something approved. They then have the ability to send marketing reps to virtually every physician in America.

Cellular Activation Therapy was developed through the University system; it is labor intensive and does not involve selling more pills, or devices. There is little budget for clinical trials that would cost easily $tens of millions, there is no army of sales reps to reach every physician in America. For this reason, it is diabetes best kept secret.

However, Cellular Activation Therapy does what it claims. It is the most effective and exciting treatment literally sine the discovery of insulin. Currently there are clinical trials on-going to prove the efficacy, but anecdotally there have been hundreds of thousands of patients treated who have seen huge benefit.

This will become the gold standard of treatment.

As the original title suggest, I’m a little skeptical.

This post is almost 10 years old and it seems to me that this therapy has gone no where. Maybe I have had my head in the sand, can anyone bring more light on this subject.

I have no insight on this and have never heard anything about this. I do a lot of clinical trials and no one at either site I volunteer at has ever mentioned this. And I always ask whenever I start up a new study, what new things are happening. And after ten years, and nothing in the news about it. Guessing it is not going well. But as always with any “cure” type headline, I take it with a big huge grain of salt. How many mice are living diabetes free in the world?!