CGM and pump cost of consumables

I’m currently doing MDI with Humalog and Levemir. The consumables I use cost me 39¢ per day for syringes and 54¢ per day for test strips. I pay for this stuff out of my own pocket. If I ever decide to go with a CGM or pump, I’d probably have to pay for the device out of my own pocket. The costs of my medications and consumables is a big factor in my life. I’m about due for my next quarterly order of insulin… about $1,400 (and that’s WITH Medicare Part D coverage). So what I’m wondering is what the direct out-of-pocket costs of the consumables for CGMs and pumps would be. I do understand that each manufacturer will charge a different price so any information you can provide would be useful.

And no, I would not qualify for assistance. My Social Security plus rental income from a home I inherited from Dad are higher than the low income amount for most assistance but unfortunately, my monthly bills are big enough that there’s not enough left over to be anything other than painfully frugal. So in addition to the Medicare Part D doughnut hole I’m also in the senior citizen income/expense doughnut hole.

Thanks much.

Medicare should pay for the pump and insulin once you get the pump

Look into it

under medicate part B

they did for my wife and she pays zero for insulin and zero for the pump

tubing is also covered as well as the libre cgm she has

zero pay for everything

She does have insurance but I do not believe they pick up much

20 percent her insurance pays for insulin - med B pays 80 percent

call dexcomn or bite my tongue medtronic and look into it