CGM cost effective options - What is your experience


Thanks for this info. Sensors in Australia are close to $100 each. Ouch!
I really like the Libre. Very accurate. Easy to use.


Dexcom G5 are $370 for four. Each lasts seven days.


Totally agree. I switched to the MiaoMiao and love it. No lost connections and much easier to sleep on.


Dexcom is aware of users restarting the sensors. I am still on G4 because I can restart. longer warranty. You can make monthly payments if your bill is over 200.00. I think 3 payments. i get 2-3 weeks out of each.


With Dexcom G5 or now G6, using Spike (for iOS) or xDrip (Android) as the collector instead of the official Dexcom App circumvents the 90 day transmitter kill switch and allows sensor restarts on-the-fly for both G5 and G6. I got >180 days out of my first G5 transmitter and am over 140 days with the second still going strong. Both Spike and xDrip show transmitter voltages so you can see when the batteries are actually getting low.


I got an armband from fit pretty good with Velcro. Cost about 30 dollars. I mainly use it at the gym. Going to add extra Velcro for more secure fit.


Approx 2 months ago I switched from the Dexcom g5 to Libre + miaomiao and haven’t looked back. I use xDrip for my collector, I get great connectivity. From a cost standpoint, I paid approx $1600 a year for Dex, I will be all in with Libre $900 ($75 monthly), and a one time charge for the Miaomiao of $214 (US). I have a lot more control with xDrip as far as alarms which is nice. Again the key is the MiaoMiao, changes the Libre to a full functioning CGM, especially for the night time readings. Good luck!!


I have an iPhone. Does drip work only on Android? Thanks.


For an iPhone you might want to look at Spike.


Great. I’ll do some research. Really appreciate your responding.


The Spike facebook group is a good resource:


Thanks. It’s not appearing on the Australian app store. I wonder if its excluded from Australia…So maybe I can’t obtain it.


There is a process to download it. Check out the facebook group. They have postings that describe it in detail.


Libre Sensors cost

I have always paid $75 for 3 Libre Sensors through Walgreens. I remember when I first got them my endo said there were 3 pharmacies that have a deal on them and make sure I use one of those particular pharmacies. I moved to Kauai and no Walgreens! I tried to call Libre who knew nothing about which pharmacies had the deal on the sensors, one of the reps there even went and asked a supervisor and couldn’t find any information about it. Pricing around here at Walmart, Costco, Safeway and mail order OptumRx were at least $38 dollars a sensor.

But Walgreens does mail order, so now I have them mailed, free shipping from Walgreens to me and it comes to mind that if you are one of those paying more, your doctor hopefully can submit the prescription to Walgreens and then you just have it shipped to you! Worth checking into if you are one of those that are paying more. And now the sensor cost might be changing with the new 14 day reader.

And now of course now I am switching to Dexcom and that will be a whole new learning experience!!!