CGM - Enhancements

I wish I worked as a consultant for Dexcom - there are so many things that could improve their system. I work in software development as a Business Systems Architect - so I cant imagine that most of the improvements would not be that expensive or difficult to make.
Here is the blood sugar by meter is currently 394. It is a typical diabetic story - I was low before lunch - drank about 10 ounzes of Fanta Strawberry - (about 5 ounces more than necessary) and then ate lunch. I bolused for the lunch but not the extra Fanta - and I probably underbolused for lunch. Not only that, I didnt bolus until I started eating. All fatal errors- well not fatal litterally -but you know what I mean.
So right after lunch my HIGH alarm goes off - set at 200 today. I thought to myself, well i bolused late --- it will start coming down soon.
2 hours later I am at my desk, thinking that i hadnt looked at Dex lately and pull him out...he says 356 - i finger stick and WHAMO--394--- so i take a correction shot (i always take a shot if i am over 350--to make sure i get the insulin---last time i took my correction via my pump there was an undetectable occulsion and my BS got up to 538)
So i am sitting her asking myself - why cant Dex have 2 high alarms? He has 2 low alarms? it would be just perfect to have a high that I could set at 160 or 180 and another set at say--250 or 275 or wherever you might choose for it to be--which would mean i definitely need an insulin boost.
My second enhancement would be to include a 24 hour graph - after trying out the MM CGM - i found the 24 hour trend to be very helpful. For one, you wouldnt have to download to see where you were a day ago at the same time - and it made it way easier to remember my trending from the day before. I did mention this to a tech person at Dexcom and they acted like that woudl be totally useless.


This sounds like an excellent topic to turn into a topic in the Forum. There’s a section for CGM.

Just a thought.