CGM for all!

If there are parents out there with kids using (or wanting to use) CGM that can contribute to my research for a master’s degree in school nursing, please check out my discussion by this same title on the CGM forum. Thanks!

Hi Bob,
I can tell you that it’s not easy to get what our kids need for their care. Insurances are over rated and don’t want to
cover many things that they need. So I recommend that you begin with the politics of insurance coverage and frequent denials of devices and supplies that our kids need. It’s really sad that living in such a rich and successful country our kids have to without. Many low-income families can’t afford what their child needs, I’m one of them so I know how hard it is. So if you want
to make a difference start with the insurance carriers or state medicaid.

Hi FfS, I know what you mean about the frustrations of getting care paid for in a for-profit insurance world, The JDRF is already making more of a difference than I can, though, in getting more insurance companies & medicaid to cover CGM. So, my present goal is to understand all the difficulties that students and their parents are experiencing not only in getting insurance approval for CGMs, but also in using CGMs in the school environment. I hope to be able to improve things in some small way for students’ success in getting the care that they need in school. If you know anyone who has encountered problems or successes in using CGM in school, I’d be happy if you could direct them to this discussion. Bob

Hey there, thank for posting. Another angle you may want to consider is why the f****ing nurse unions here in CA hate our children and continue to block legislation and fight all the way to the state Supreme Court AGAINST permitting our children to receive the care they need at school. I would send my daughter to school with a CGM ONLY if she knew exactly how to use it herself, with no need at all for a school nurse because they have demonstrated here that their knowledge of diabetes care in schools needs some serious updating! Good luck!