CGM for T2

All good advice thanks. His new GP said to just ignore the low count and take the ER Glipizide as originally prescribed. He does have an endocrinologist who is often difficult to connect with but she advised to not take Glipizide any more, which is what he had decided. He has a phone appointment with the endocrinologist next week. In the meantime he will continue to eat a healthy diet (he never skips), and tomorrow he gets his FreStyle. It’s an out of pocket expense, but I think it’s worth it.
We are perplexed by the swings and weight loss. Since he appears to be healthy and most of the time his numbers are in the acceptable range for T2, his doctors aren’t worried. I’m sure they deal with a lot of people who are in tough shape. Neither of us are hypochondriacs, but this has us puzzled and worried. I really appreciate this forum.


That is what I would expect an endo would say. If you didn’t see the swings before the glipizide, I would guess it is the glipizide that is causing the swings. If you were seeing swings before the glipizide, I would guess that it is most likely simply an indication that metformin alone is not enough. Type 2 diabetes can be progressive (though it isn’t always in everyone).

The endo should hopefully get things on track next week.

Swings before Glipizide. He now has the continuous glucometer. It’s a stress reliever…well worth the $$. He’ll use it for a month and then reassess. Thanks.

Insulin is a good idea. If possible, get an insulin pump. The Dexcom CGM might not be such a good idea. Any other CGM probably would be okay.
Recently my endocrinologist ordered a Dexcom G6 CGM for me. It’s been defective right out of the box. My glucose test meter gives me very accurate test results. But the Dexcom G6 CGM gives varying readings, not to be trusted. Finally, I received a “Transmitter Battery Crucially Low” reading on my G6 receiver. The transmitter battery is supposed to last for three months. The USB cable falls out of the receiver any time the cable is slightly disturbed. It’s been impossible to be able to reach anyone on the phone or through the computer, any real live person at Dexcom support. So now I have a piece of junk, just sitting around.
Anyone have an idea of how to cut through the red tape?

For those of us that have been using the Dexcom CGM which is the gold standard in the CGM industry for several years, it is an awesome tool to manage Blood sugar trends. Every so often, there is incompatibility between a Dexcom CGM and an individual but those instances are very, very rare. I never had any issues reaching Dexcom Customer Service or Technical support on the rare occasions that Dexcom needed to be called. My advice to as you put it cut through the red tape is to call them at a different time of day. Perhaps you keep calling them during their peak times.

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Lindam1, did your husband continue using the Freestyle Libre? I’ve been getting much better BG results since I started using mine 3 years ago. It’s only $65.41 for a month’s supply of 2 sensors at my Walgreens, now.

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, he is no longer using the Freestyle due to the cost, about $130 per month for 2 sensors. Despite having a good drug plan, because he is T2 he is not covered for this. There were some coupons and programs that provided it for 1/2 the price, but they no longer work, so it’s back to sticking!

That’s twice what I’m paying at my Walgreens.
Who is charging you that much, and have you tried other pharmacies?