CGM's for T2

Do you CGM. I have a pump but not a CGM. I thought it was just more than I wanted attached to my body. If you have a CGM do you find it helpful. Has it helped you to better control your BG.

I have used a cgms - Dexcom for a year and a half. useful - very useful if one has liver dumps and odities needing controlling and seeing the digestion response.

mine was extremely helpful for that. Previously I had got to 30 tests a day to watch some nasty fast issues. It helped my Doctor and I get these under control. If your blood glucose is always slow moving and predictable, the cgms may be overkill considering cost.

I also could watch trends and movements as well as watch actual metformin effect on the liver. I learned a ton!

That is an interesting concept Jims using a CGM to track metformin effects. I have always connected a CGM with insulin and BG. I'm glad to see you have found it helpful in other ways. I'm still not convinced that I might need one. I dumped the metformin a year ago and use insulin as my only diabetes drug. So far I have managed to achieve very stable BG control.


cost is too agessive for regular continuous use. I agree. But in tough case most useful to confirm nasty issues. It may provide the clues necessary to yard in the monster.

Today knowing wht my body doing, it is easier to control using caveman machine and less strips.

I would offer that if your liver is working fine and not dumping in extra/excess glucose, one may not get much benefit from the metformin. Insulin becomes the obvious choice. in caases of light liver leakage, insulin will probably easily do the work getting rid of ( nee-moving) glucose to the fat cells plus skeletal muscles.

For me with nasty leaky liver, metformin really cuts that back and I do not need hugh amounts of insulin. My 1200 calorie diet and 2 miles walking help keep mess under control.

If we could get volume low cost manufacture of these items and sensors, I would really have one as it allows one to watch what glucose trends are of body and one can react andc ontrol much easier.

Hi, I started using a cgm in March and I have learned so much about my body. I was able to lower my A1C from 8.3 to 7.1. I was so afraid of lows and now I always know where I stand. It turned out that my insurance covered a great deal of the cost, so I am going to stick with it. I do not have good control and my bs chart looks like a roller coaster. Now I know which direction I am going in and can be alerted with a vibration if my sugar is falling faster than 2 mg/dl per minute or if I go below 80 mg/dl. Also, if I am going up too fast I can adjust my insulin. I have learned that my sugar goes up 10 mg/dl for every gram of carbohydrate and I am very carb resistant.
I was always in the dark about how carbs affected me and now I know what happens. Also, I was testing before meals and 2 hours after, so was missing this huge spike I get after I eat. didn't have a clue about it and could not understand why my A1C was so high. Now I am trying to control the spike by taking insulin (yes fast acting) 30 minutes before I eat because it takes that long to start working.