CGM's in australia

Hi guys :slight_smile:
Does anyone know of/use a cgm here in australia? Do they leave you out of pocket a hell of a lot? Im into triathlons and wouldnt mind having a waterproof one but im having trouble sourcing one, let alone one that is affordable. I have inlaws that live in chicago, im tempted to find out how much they are in america but im hesitating because i presume access to the consumables of a cgm wouldnt be worth it. Thanks.

I was wondering the same thing, have you found any more info?

medtronic have one, but very pricey...about 6k

Oh right, and that goes with the pump doesn't it? can it be used by itself? and no consumables are funded right? how much are they per month do you know? sorry for 20 questions! Did you not get one in the end?

you can buy it with a medtronic pump as an extra. I cant remember the price of some of the consumables, i believe the insertion thingy was about $750. 1 patch which lasts about 4 days is $80. They can be used by themselves though yep. We have to foot the bill with all CGM stuff. And no i didnt get one, much too expensive. Would love one though.

Wow. That is crazy! I was looking at the Dexecom 7 and the patches they sell last 7 days, which is a bit better.
Yea, that sounds way to expensive. Same here, it would be amazing. Its so sad how in America/UK (sure they have more people, but still) that they have opportunities to get all of that. Sad that something which will help our health, and mean less impact on the system is something not at all funded!

I am in Melbourne and I have the Medtronic Minilink system, linked to my Paradigm 554 Pump.
Purchased March 2012, on special for $990.00 (approx)
Enlite sensors cost $75.00 each, are certified for 6 days but for me last about 12 days. So far, sadly, none of this is covered by health insurance or NDSS.
Cannot visualise a future without it.

Greg, so after the initial $1k, you pay $75 a fortnight basically to use a cgm? How do you find minimeds sensor? Accurate? Do you feel like a bit of a robot with an extra β€˜thing’ attached?

Yes, that is the cost which, hopefully, will only go down.
The accuracy of the sensor is directly related to the accuracy of the calibration process which you must carry out 2-4 times a day with a regular Glucometer.
This is not as straight forward as it seems, and takes some time to get it correct.
Also, the information you get from the CGMS is delayed about 15mins from real time.
Yes, I do feel a bit like a cyborg and juggling skin real estate is something I am still getting used to.
CGMS is not a magic bullet, you need to have carb counting, basal adjustment, bolus adjustment and all the other diabetic basics clearly understood, not neccessarily under control, before you might benefit from a CGMS.
If you haven't done it, I would highly reccommend DAFNE training.
Also, have a look at to see what other Australian diabetic atheletes are up to.

how did you get the CGM so cheap?!

I purchased my CGMS transmitter from Medtronic, Australia, on special for $999.00
The Enlite sensors cost $375.00 for a box of 5.
None of this seems particularly cheap to me.

Oh no I meant how usually they cost around $3000 dont they. so was meaning it was a good special!

In Australia the regular price is $1200.00
Medtronic will only deliver the CGMS transmitter and first batch of sensors to a Diabetes Educator to ensure that you are properly trained in its use.
Prior to a recent trip to NZ, I checked the price of pump consumables and was suprised at how expensive everything was, so the price of $3000 you were thinking of may be an NZ price.

oh it prob was! yes pump consumables are not funded at all, so mine cost around $250 a month!

Medtronic have an offer on at the moment, CGM Enlite with 5 sensors for $375, basically they are giving the transmitter, etc away with 5 sensors, but you have to order via your diabetes educator or clinic. I ordered mine today, any the Bayer monitor is free too, but on back order shipping end Oct