The poll is a great idea, but it leaves out choices that apply to a lot of us.

I’d love to have a CGMS but local insurers won’t consider them for non-Type 1s. So an option like, “Wish I could have one but insurance won’t cover it.” would be helpful.

I actually plan on buying one some day with my own money, but not until the technology shakes out a bit more and, ideally, the sensors become more affordable. So another option might be, “I want one (self-paid) but waiting till the costs come down and reliability goes up.”

Good point… :S

The CGMS (as I am now on month 3) trick is all in a good calibration. The problem with a bad calibration is just that…a bad starting point for the sensor. I can attest to many re-starts because of being anxious to get going. There are other issues too but over all we are moving in the correct direction.



Are you paying for your sensors yourself?

Since this is my first set yes. I will be applying to BCBS for reimbursement. But my endo warned me that since I am using my 522 paridigm for CGMS only and not insulin delivery they could very well deny it. Minimed has a no interest program that I can pay monthly for supplies if necessary. And so it begins…


I only pay a small percent for my sensors so I am pro CGMS , The trick is when to calibrate so after a few mths Im happy I got it. If I had tp pay full price I would probably not use it as much .