Challenges and opportunities for improving member experiences on TuDiabetes

My frustration with the old format was trying to navigate and find what I wanted. I kept finding things that I did not know existed for many months. So I joined some groups that I appreciated and did most of my posting there. I also loved the interviews that Emily scheduled and hosted.
I find navigation with the new format easier, things are more orderly and organized. I am forgetting to join in on some of the interviews. There were some I really wanted to hear, but my memory is not so god anymore. I make notes, but get involved with other things and then find I missed the interviews. I know I can see them on YouTube, but I cannot direct questions to the speaker on YouTube, and I miss chatting while the program is in progress.

@Richard157 you could check our event page

and perhaps mark your calendar for the events you’d like to participate in. @mrmikelawson always mentions the events several times on Twitter before the events too.

Thanks Marie, I have been putting the events on my calendar for a long time, but I forget to look at the calendar at the right time. I am very easily distracted. I think the next interview is on Tuesday, but will I remember that after 3:30 PM that day??

well Tuesday is Gary Scheiner, always a good one. I am easily distracted too! I have to make to do lists and talk w my husband about my day’s plans. If I don’t want to miss an interview, I even tell him not to call me between 4 and 5, so I have multiple reminders.

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I know this goes against the grain, but not only did I find it easier to navigate in the “old” Tu (I guess my brain is wired differently :wink:) but I found the site more welcoming, and I miss it.


I agree - the current format is just a flat message board that leave a lot of the “community” feeling we had on the old format out. I too, feel like I’ve lost the closeness I had with many people in the TU “family” - despite being active on the site daily. Chat improvements came, but took long enough that activity levels are not what they were. And we lost several - perhaps many - people in the process.

That said, I do find message threads at times hard to follow because of the flat format (rather than more of a “tree” structure). I didn’t previously frequent blogs, but on this format, I’m even less inclined to look toward them. As the “Home page” is less than useless (to me), I never look at it - which eliminates the opportunity to see “announcements” (ARE there such, anymore? I can’t tell!).

Sorry if this sounds more like complaints than suggestions…

MUCH more - on both counts.

I bet a lot of us don’t Tweet and I also go directly to the Forum page. Is it possible to have a reminder on the day of an event appear on the forum page?

I also go directly to the forum page. I have to make an effort to go to the home page to look at the upcoming events. There’s probably a work-around to this but I haven’t figured it out yet.

Edit - There is definitely a great “work-around.” The top grey stripe on the forum page has an “events” link next to a calendar icon. Click on that and a calendar appears with the upcoming events. Hover your pointer over an event and details appear. I’m on this site a lot and this obvious, in plain sight, feature was not so obvious to me. Perhaps we all need to “poke around” a little to learn more about the new site – just a suggestion, not a criticism. :wink:


I like the new format TuD. I don’t have any problem following threads. The old structure became especially confusing when threads were very active. I’m sorry that people still wish to return to the old format. I don’t have a technical background to offer any concrete suggestions to make the current format better for you. I can only hope that things here will get better for you. I enjoy my participation here.


For events I think it could be easily resolved by someone starting a Discussion titled something like “Gary Schneider Tudiabetes Event xx/xx/xx” and put in the event details in the discussion. Create the Discussion one week prior to the event. It would also give members the option to provide questions prior to the event. I know for me the event is always during work hours so I can never attend the live events.


I use Google Calendar and it reminds me of doctor’s appointments and other things by sending a message to my computer, phone, and watch. I rarely screw up and miss appointments these days. I wonder if it would be possible for the TuD events page to talk to my calendar so that it happens automatically. I know that might make it look like I’m too lazy to just click the events button but it’s more about forgetfulness than laziness. Now I’m wondering if this hasn’t already been done but I’m just ignorant about it as I was the events button!

@Terry4 this was possible in the old platform. I will bring this idea up in our staff meeting next week. I was thinking the same thing as you. I love my google calendar and could NOT survive without it.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

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I’d be willing to post a topic calling attention to the day’s interview and pin it globally so it would stay at the top of the forum for the day. this would also allow those unable to attend, but wanting to ask a question, to comment. (we were able to do this with the old events page)


that’s an excellent idea Marie. If you are unable to post that day, let me know and I can do it.

Sarah :four_leaf_clover:

GREAT idea, @CatLady06. I know it’s possible to post an event banner at the top of the forum, and I can do that the day of an event in order to remind folks. Now to remember how to do it… :smile:

Yep!! If you scroll down a bit on any event page you’ll see that toward the bottom is a button that automatically places that event on your google calendar, where you can set it to remind you ahead of time :slight_smile: It sounds like that button should be higher up on the page so more people see it. I’ve asked our developer to move it.

The button looks like this:

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Thanks so much, @MarieB! I think this is a great work-around for the fact that we don’t have a way to comment on the event post, itself.

Update: we have moved the google calendar button to just below the picture at the top of each event. Hopefully that will make it easier to find and use!

For those of you who don’t frequent the home page, and therefor don’t see the banners there, I’m trying out something new and would love your feedback. I wanted to be sure that everyone sees the post called Word In Your Hand 2015, so I’ve applied a feature called “global pinning” to it, which makes the post itself appear at the top of the forum unless/until one removes it by clicking on the “X” in the top-right corner. It’s pretty intrusive, but since it can easily be removed by each person maybe that’s okay. What do you think?

@Terry4 @CatLady06