Changing basal rates

This morning I did a basal test and I did an overnight test.My readings are: 1:30am 7.1, 3:30am 6.5, 4:30am 6.2, 5:30 5.1, 6:30a 4.9, 7a 6.0 8a 7.3, 9a 5.9, 10a 4.0, 11a 2.7, OUCH!! My basal rates are: 1a.075 3a .125, 630 .325, 11a .175 My question is: Should I change my rate at 630am because the low occurred 4 hours after?Doing so decreases my TTD by.08. Your input would be helpful.

Yes,its about my basal rates.Would changing the basal 4 hours before a low reading be accurate.I was doing it 1 hour before.

I just added to it.

Thank you for your input.I have been pumping for almost 2 years but saw my endo last week.He wasn’t happy about my basal rates.I had 12 of them.WHEW no wonder.I simplified the night a bit and got it down to 8.

So true.I am now in the midst of trying to reduce my number of basals.The night seems ok.That is where I reduced some.I get depressed over my control on the pump when he isn’t happy with me.My A1C only increased from 6.7 to 7.2.That is only .5 so I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.I see my diabetes educator next tuesday.She always makes me feel better because she knows my doctor well and tells me not to take everything he says to heart.That should be something to celebrate for,a low Ac like that!

I have a few months to bring it back down.I don’t see my doctor until the 5th of April.I am doing another basal test this morning.I will let you know the results.Do you understand mmols?

I changed my basal at 630am to .300 from .325 and I still go low at 10 am.I was 6.6 at 9;00 but at 10:00 I dropped down to 4.1.I will try .275.