Charge for reading Dexcom Data


On my last endo visit bill, I noticed a billing under “Ambulatory Continuous Glucose Monitor” for $80. I’ve been question this charge for a month and just got this response from my Endo.

“Insurance companies have started covering CGM interpretation as a separate billable item in addition to the office visit. This is similar to EKG interpretation that a cardiologist would do in their office”.

Has anyone else been charged for this? I’m seriously fuming as this is absolutely ridiculous. I won’t be handing over my dexcom at my next visit, I’m planning to hand over an old school log book in protest.


What the in world?!! I have never heard of such foolishness!! :rage: They’ll probably try to assess another fee for “Glucose Log Interpolation and Data Extraction.”


Comparing a Dex download to an EKG is idiotic. I pay for my sensors, my transmitter and receiver and now I’m going to be charged for making his job easier? I guess he doesn’t remember how tedious those log books use to be. Guess this is my kick in the butt I needed to get over my burn out and start being more proactive in my self management.


WOW!! Your endo is into padding his (or her) bill. I’m speechless now.


My endo is fine with the 2 reports I print out from Clarity. Same with my pump. Ditto for my meter. I no longer have his MA download my pump and meter data in the office.


From my understanding, it’s the interpretation of the data, which, is pretty much his job description. I wouldn’t care if he billed my insurance and then cleared my portion off the books, but I’m being billed for making his job easier. I swear, I feel like handing over an old school logbook to him at my next appointment or just finding another Endo.


One of my previous endos did have that charge itemized on my bill – however, his total bill did not increase as a result of that charge. Interestingly, he subsequently had to fight for a “prior authorization” AFTER the fact, because the insurance required that paperwork for payment. I assume he did get it authorized, because I was never back-billed for the fee, plus there was no copay on the line item.