Chest and Leg pain

I had a triple bypass back in October, 2013. I have also had terrible leg pain when walking since 2007. There is ankle, foot, and toe swelling when I am inactive. I get numbness in my fingers and toes during the night. And now I have noticed the skin from my shins down looks slightly more dark (like it's tanned) than the rest of my skin.

I have been trying, despite the pain, to be more active for my overall health and to strengthen my heart. I take walks, 1-3 miles at a time, a couple times a week. I also do some light aerobics and dancing a couple times a week. And I try not to sit for too long at a time, you know, just keep moving even if it is around the house just cleaning or such.

Today I walked on the treadmill, got my heart rate and breathing up. Walked on an incline for more workout. Lasted almost 20 minutes at 2 MPH. Legs hurt like hell from 2 minutes in and had a tiny bit of chest pain from 10 minutes on.

I'm really thinking I might need to change my cardiologist. He says my heart is healthy now and that the pain I'm feeling in my chest is probably from the scar, but it feels exactly the same as it did before the surgery, just much less. And he barely even acknowledges my leg pain and has done nothing about it...

I don't know if I'm just being paranoid about his abilities as a doctor. I see my new primary on Monday, we'll see what he says, I'm going to stress the issue...maybe even cry to make the point it is very important to me!

What do you all think?

Definitely need to be forcefully with new doc about these symptoms as well as how they have been changing. If no concern from new MD would be looking for another.

Hi Tiki. I did not have a triple bypass or any serious cardiac problems, but have had ankle, feet and toe swelling, numbness, discoloration, etc. My cardiologist referred me for artery testing (which was normal) and since my symptoms have increased with some pain recently I will be going for vein testing on Thursday. I think your leg symptoms and your chest pain warrant further testing. Hopefully it is all fine, but it seems a bit lackadaisical to me that he isn't checking further. Yes, I would advocate for further testing and perhaps consider a change of provider. I actually see the PA in my cardiologist's office because he remembers my situation and has a good balance of response in advising me what is a good idea to confirm or rule out, but reassuring me when things are likely not a concern.