China here I come

So this Thursday I am heading back for my 4th trip to China, my second to work in an orphanage. However, this time I am heading off with two great tips I learned here since joining tudiabetes. I have been on a pump for 12 years now, but from this site I learned I can request a loaner pump from Animas, which I did. I feel much more at ease knowing I have a backup with me:) The other thing I learned about is the frio wallet to keep my insulin cool. In the past I have always lugged around an ice pack that would soon grow warm, not to mention the language barrier I once experienced when taking it through a security check within China. That was quite a comical situation (although not at the time). This is another relief for me, not having to worry about my insulin getting too warm. Thanks to all who post tips on this site. Maybe reading this post will help others too. Also, thanks to those in the tudiabetes family that sponsored a crib for the orphanage. The cribs and mattresses are supposed to be on their way to the orphanage, in time for us to set up.

If you want to follow my experiences at the orphanage, you can follow my blog at Crebbin Happenings, or at the team’s official blog at Visiting Orphans at Choayang China. Please keep us in your prayers too.

I’m so excited for you! You are close in my prayers!