Clearing the memory of blood glucose reading from a meter

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this. I have the One Touch meter that came from MiniMed. I think it is showing an inaccurate percentage of my hypo's. I mean when Im low, I'll treat, then Im using the same meter to check to see if I need to treat some more or not. That I think is throwing off the percentage of times I'm low. I KNOW I'm not hypo 17% of the time, BUT if my meter is showing multiple lows...following treating for lows, then yes I probably would be. I just want an ACCURATE count of the number of times I'm low, cause the endo is freaking out because I have an A1c of 5.5 and my downloads show Im hypo 17% of the time. I think from now on when Im low, I'm going to do follow up testing on a seperate meter, that way my results are "off".

Your pump Low BG target setting determines when a BG is considered a low/high excursion. ...I use a mini when I do not want my pump to see the test.

Yes that's what Im going to have to start doing. I mean I dont mind the endo knowing I have occassional lows. But I think all the tests where Im looking to see if my corrections are working are throwing off the percentage. And I really like my One Touch that goes with my pump. So from now on after a low, I'll just use my ultra mini to see how Im coming up. So it doesnt throw off my percentages.