Clinical Summary via my Dr. Appt

So I realized that my Dr. has me incorrectly recorded in my charts.

"the patient is a 28 yr old female who presents for follow up of type II diabetes."

It's not a huge deal right now while I have insurance through my job which I no longer have on the 28th of this month but I'm worried that after while I'm searching for a job this misclassification will impact my medical assistance available. I currently take MDIs for my treatment but I probably test more than "average" (we all know average is a stupid term for testing requirements as it truly depends on the person).

I've mentioned this mistake multiple times and it's never been changed; I'm just really hoping that it'll be alright, arg... Just because I was diagnosed at 22 doesn't mean it is type II my previous Endo clearly told me when I was diagnosed that I was Type I.

I was originally diagnosed as a kid. Long before there was "Type 1", so called "Juvenile Diabetes".

Now I am well into being middle aged, have a lot of grey hair, and am definitely no longer juvenile.

Occasionally I get written up as Type 2 instead of Type 1. I have to remind the doc that while I'm not juvenile anymore that I think it's still Type 1 :-).

You might wanna make sure they don't do that, because I was misdiagnosed as type 2 (at 22) and that messed up my test strip availability and everything until I was properly diagnosed and it was sorted out.

like when you have insurance again or really whatever you do it might mess up everything.

Get it changed.That has happened to me. Even when it is a mislabeling at a specialist who is not related to diabetes care, like my cardiologist.. I always ask it to be corrected.
Unfortunately, my experience from talking to type 2 diabetics online and real-life, has revealed that Type 1 insurance-allowed coverages for strips and for medical procedures are more extensive than that for type 2.

God Bless

I had the same issue. I fought like a mad man to get it changed. It was an honest mistake, but I told the doctor it was fouling me up in all kinds of ways and he eventually changed it. the issue in my case happened when I started seeing my doctor in my 40's. They just assumed any 40 something's on a first appointment were type 2's. When I got to medicare it made a big difference, I realize you are not worried about Medicare, but neither was I. I just wanted it correct. Then, I became very concerned about Medicare and the rubber hit the road.