Clogged tubing

This is my first time on here, but I really need some help. I have the minimed paradigm 712 and I use the silhouette infusion set. The last box of infusion set I got about half of the tubing kept getting clogged. I was able to make it through until the next box, but I had to change tubing daily for about a week to find one that wasn’t clogged. Now I have a new box and I have just changed the tubing for the 3rd time and my pump keeps telling me “motor error” . When I try to re prime it it gets stuck and the insulin won’t come out of the tube. I though it might be the pump (It’s about 4 years old) but I try to push the insulin out of the tubing through the reservoir and it is stuck. It won’t move even a little bit. Has this happened to anyone? Please help!!

Are you getting occlusion errors from the pump or just this motor error?

just the motor error

I have never experienced that then. I’m sorry. Wish I could help! I would be all over Minimed Customer Support. A motor error should qualify you for a replacement pump, I would think. If you’re out of warranty, your insurance should cover a new pump without question. Good luck.

I would call medtronic.

I’d call them also (x7992 for returns btw). Minimed likely will ask for the lot number and go from there. I believe they will be receptive.