Coffee lowers BG?

so i drink anywhere from 3 to 7 cups of coffee a day, w/no bolus (i’m in law school and it goes with the territory). i freaked out when i read about people saying coffee spiked their BG, but i’ve found the opposite: i’ll usually either flatline or drop up to 10-15 points, depending on how much milk and splenda i put in it. has anyone else had this experience?

I drink on average 2 cups of coffee every workday. I take my coffee black. It has no effect on my BG. I consider coffee to be a freebie. I believe some (certainly not all) Ds spike from the caffeine

Don’t brag…it makes us “bolus w/coffee” folks jealous.

For me, coffee does not raise my blood sugar (by itself), however, it DOES appear to make me more insulin resistant after I eat. It’s almost as though I have extra insulin resistance. Sometimes I have to take up to 25-50% extra insulin. I try to stay away from caffeine all together. Also, diabetics who suffer from hypertension should not drink large amounts of caffeine, because it is an accelerant.



Coffee raises my BG to about 10 grams worth. A couple of hours later my body seems to realize that I really didn’t eat those carbs, and it drops back down. I don’t like the spike, so I bolus for the coffee and eat a small snack later. I don’t mind the excuse for the snack!

Coffee doesn’t do anything to mine unless I drink a pot then I’m so hyper I end up dropping because I walk around. It’s all due to the effects of coffee being a methylxanthine, inhibiting phosophiesterase inhibitors which leads to an increase in cAMP. Xanthines raise BG cause they also inhibit glucose transporters. That’s why they can raise your BG. It’s a really interesting process, I’m going to add this to my “to blog about” list.