Coming down? Sweating alot?

Is this normal? I took my first shot last night, 10 units. Last nights bs was 421. This morning is 210. I sweated all night long, got no rest at all. Besides my cat woke me up whenever I did manage to fall out.
thanks, Amy:)

What insulin you had Amy? A hypo can be corrected by regulatory hormones to give high reading am.

Hi Sohair,
I was given Levemir Flexpen 10 units a night. Actually 210 is great for me. It’s my lowest so far.

Joining our great community you will in no time have the dream BG numbers soon Happy for you Amy…

Is excessive sweating a sign of diabetes? Here I have been thinking it has been “the change of life”.

I find that I do sweat a lot if I come down very fast or if I have a low.

The same thing happened to me after I first got on insulin. I would wake up covered in sweat during the night. But I’m a T1 and probably went low without noticing. It got better after a while, probably because I learned to adjust my dosage better.

You are experiencing what is known as a “false hypo”.

It can also happen to people who are not Type 2s.

If you just hang in there your body will adapt and you will start feeling much much better when you are at normal numbers.

For your reference: Normal fasting should be under 100, ideally mid 80s. Normal post meals must be under 140 and ideally back to 100 2 hours after eating. Never treat a hypo when you are above those numbers.

Before I was diagnosed I found I was sweating excessively at night. Perhaps it was all that water I was drinking to quench the unquenchable thirst? When I first went on insulin I I carried on sweating at night (even though I wasn’t low - I tested), but it has stopped now. I have no idea why.

I sweat when my blood sugar comes down.

Hi !
Sweating can be sign of hypo… For me this is usual sign of hypo (especially when I sleep). You are now probably wondering why you had 210 in morning… if you go into hypo and you don’t do anything, body reacts by getting glucose from liver, this produces high BG in morning (if you go in extreme hypo you can end in coma). Next time when you sweat check BG if you can…

hi andy,
this can all be so overwhelming, thanks though.

I had extensive sleep studies done after suffering the same problem. I would wake up so sweaty that I would have to towel off, only to fall back asleep and repeat. The good news was they didn’t find anything wrong, the bad news, they didn’t find anything wrong! What I noticed though is that switching to the pump has made a world of different! Keeping that steady blood sugar through the night is, I believe, the issue. Lantus, even though incredibly minor, still peaks like every other insulin ever invented. Then it tappers off. You otice this in faster acting insulin but when you spread it out over 24 hours the peak looks minor to almost completely flat. I would suggest working on your late afternoon early evening BG so you aren’t going to bed so high. If you start out with a normal BG or just above that before bed, you may need to dial back the insulin before bed but you should be able to keep the stable BG. It’s made a world of difference for me. I was feeling like I could never sleep and it really wore me down. Good luck and keep us posted!!!

At which BG value do you start to sweat?.. It is usually so, that if you have high insulin for long time, you start sweating even before you reach criticial hypo value… For me this critical value is around 2.7 mmol/L (48 mg/dL) now… I had high HbA1c for long time (over 9), then this criticial value was higher…, or maybe not, but I didn’t feel well with low BGs…

I can exercise till the cows come home and barely sweat. Now put my blood glucose at 55 and I sweat profusely until it’s corrected. I had really high bg when I first started on insulin, 400 put me in the hospital for a few days (with other complications). I felt strange when I was first on insulin too. In time your bg will stabilize and you’ll feel much better in the normal range.

Whenever my blood sugar drops really fast I break out in cold sweats. Then once my sugars begin to rise again I get really cold and I can not stop shivering.