Coming Down to the Wire

Man, I have tried to post a new blog so many times only to be cut off by my 17 month old son. I swear he knows when his dad is on the computer and it signals him to wake up! Anyway, I am in the home stretch with my training for the upcoming Long Beach Half Marathon. I have my last long run this weekend (12 mi) in preparation for the race on the 11th. It’s hard for me to really grasp how I made it to this point. When I started working out again last march I was up to about 240 lbs and was have issues with my insulin working efficiently. I was basically a type 1 falling into life as a type 2. As most of you know, sometimes in our diabetic life we go through highs and lows and up to that point, I had been in a fog for a while. For whatever reason I made the choice to get back to the gym which led me ultimately to training for the marathon in June. Looking back on it now, I realize making the decision to get healthy and fit was so so important. I’m now down under 210 lbs and all of my insulin issues are gone. It’s crazy how your insulin works so much better in your body when your healthy…and how much less of it you have to give yourself!

ANYWAY…I’m definitely not posting this update to brag about myself. My main reason is to hopefully pass along the message and encouragement that staying active and healthy is so important for all of us. We are all blessed to be in tune with our bodies much more than the average person so why not take that opportunity to push yourself and make your body better.

Well that’s all I have for now. I think my son realized I got one by him and is now calling for some breakfast. Kid’s gotta eat!

Brian! Dude! Congrats on the training! And you SHOULD brag on yourself! You done good.

Listen, I’m doing the half-marathon in Long Beach also. We should meet up, if just to say hello. Maybe get a beer in the beer garden afterwards. I figure I’ll be done in about 2 and a half hours. “No need for speed,” that’s my motto. Send me a message at my tuDiabetes page if you’re interested.


Here ‘s to another 1/2 marathoner , Bryan :wink: …mine is on October 11 in Victoria , BC, Canada …quite a few miles apart from yours …YES do BRAG …you showed again how important moving our bodies ( if we can ) is. Thanks for sharing … Terry K …is sure faster than I am …it’s not about speed for me anymore …John Bingham’ s quote from my onsite Team Diabetes Canada trainer : The miracle is n’t that I finished . The miracle is that I had the courage to start …I like this :wink: …have fun the both of you !