Commissioner Puts Insulin Makers on Notice


Of course there will be a new fda commissioner by then and this will all be out the window


Fingers crossed. There is no good reason we should be suffering under the current costs. Bring 'em down!

He was nominated by trump - if anything the price will go up!


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Let me get this straight

this guy is acting like it’s his idea but it was written into the affordable care act.
Trump and this clown will do zero to help with the price of insulin.

Insulins are biologic drugs, meaning they’re made from living cells. But they haven’t been regulated the same way. Neither have copycat or generic insulins, known as follow-on insulins, been regulated the same way as most copycat biologic drugs, known as biosimilars.

That’s set to change in 2020, when insulins will be regulated as biologics, and, thus, the copycats will be regulated the same way as biosimilars.

That transition was written into the 2009 Affordable Care Act, and Gottlieb expects it will lead to more competition and lower prices for patients. “This is a watershed moment for insulin products,” Gottlieb said Tuesday, about the 2020 transition.

Please let’s not politicize this announcement. The fact that it was was written into the ACA is acknowledged in this line from the article copied below.

He hopes this largely regulatory change will help drugmakers more easily bring biosimilar (biological copies) of insulin to market. This is not a newly announced change, and Dr. Gottlieb seemed to warn drugmakers that they’ve had time to prepare for it.