Contemplating getting a cgm again

Hi! I've had diabetes for 39 years, can't always tell when my sugars go low. I've had a minimed guardian and not only were my numbers way off, but it was leaving scar tissue. So I threw that one away. As you guys know, diabetes isn't cheap and I don't want to waste more money. So what do you think of yours? Any scarring? are your numbers close? Any thoughts will be appreciated

Definitely get a CGM! I've been using the Dexcom G4 (and previously their 7+) and they warn you when you're going down rapidly, and when you go below whatever threshold you set.

Even when I'm asleep, the sound frequently wakes me or my wife, and we check what's trending on the CGM, then eat and/or cut back my pump's basal rate.

No scarring whatsoever.

Numbers are reliable, and after I pull it, even if I wore it for three weeks, in a day or two you can't tell where the site was. Would give up my pump before my Dex.

Yes, Antonia, I love my Dex4. I've not used another CGM, so can't compare, but the DEX is most often spot on accurate. I've only been using insulin for 10 years so most likely have less scar tissue built up than some others, but the only time I have had trouble with accuracy (and it worked itself out in a few days,) was when I placed the device over the Skin Tac I had put on my skin first to enhance the adhesive....don't do that. It is so tiny, you would probably be able to find some virgin territory to place it. For someone experiencing hypo unawareness, I'd consider the Dex a must have. Good luck!

A CGM will completely change your view on how you control your T1. I'm a 40+, and thought I knew what control was all about too. Had very little trouble with sensing lows, but sensing all other levels of BG readings? You really will learn a lot from a CGM, if not be completely amazed and what you didn't know before using one. Seriously, amazing.

I didn't have very good luck with the Medtronic CGM and switched to the Dexcom (first 7+ and now G4). I too, can't always tell when my sugars go low but the Dexcom has always alerted me. Typically I use each sensor for 2 weeks and have had no problem with scar tissue. If you get a G4 I don't think it will ever cross your mind to throw it away!

I think the value of a CGM can't be overstated. I also started with the Minimed CGM product, but after several years of very disappointing results, I came to the conclusion that CGMs weren't ready for prime time. That is until I learned about the Dexcom 7+. It fulfilled what my expectations were for a CGMS: 1) it worked about 95% of the time, and 2) it was accurate about 80% of the time. Not perfect, but leaps and bounds better than my previous experience.

Antonia, please listen to all off these wise Dexcom users. I've been on it only a year and it has changed my life and in many situation maybe my life. My insulin level drops like a rocket. The unit is easy to use and after removing the injection site can be seen and know tissue damage. My numbers are very close I have to check often less now since I have the unit and have began to trust it numbers, my fingers like that, especially when cooking with lemons. I would go for it!

Hi if your by levels drop very quickly and dramatically the Dexcom will often have problems catching up and it does lag ten to fifteen minutes behind for me. But the direction arrows tells you if you are dropping or rising and this I find invaluable. It has proved to be a very useful device but it does not prevent you having hypos as I said it lags behind. I do not have hypo awareness so it has reduced some of the falls I used to have. I have managed to drop my A 1 C I would not be without it now. I do get some scaring from the transmitter as I have a tendency to lie on my stomach at times but it’s two dents some fade.

Remember that there are plenty of other sites that work as well or better than the stomach, thighs, back of arms, butt, love handles, even the girls. You can find a place that you don't lay on as much.

As noted by the other posters, I have found the Dexcom G4 to be amazingly accurate. Often as good as a fingerstick and generally within 10%. I set my warning at 4.4. mmol/L (80)and it will catch most hypos. There can be a slight (~10 min) lag if BG is dropping fast, but I still get a warning before it drops seriously low.

Something not noted by the other posters, is that because I have far fewer hypos I have regained my hypo symptoms with a vengeance. If the Dexcom is lagging and my BG drops down to 3.0 (54) I now have to sit down to recover. (When my unawareness was worst, before I started pumping, I could get down below 2.0 (36) and not even notice, which was a bit scary).

As far as the expense is concerned, I self fund and am averaging 18 days out of each sensor.


I committed once but would like to add that with the addition of the Dexcom I have started preparing meals ahead of time, not waiting for hypo drop. I know in advance when I'm getting close and have things cut for dinner and ready to roll. My husband flies on business all week I eat alone and lows can be very scary, like the others before my Dexcom below 30's my meter did not measure lower. The funny old line run do not stop to your doctors to get this device!