Control iq and basal iq activation frequency

I’m curious to find out from those on the tslim pump how often in a day does control iq/basal iq kick in to adjust your insulin dose?

I’m only on basal iq as control iq isn’t available yet and I find that it kicks in all the time. Sometimes I think it’s too sensitive in that my line is pretty straight and it kicks in for 5 mins, goes off for 5mins, then on again… and this repeats.
The fact that it kicks in so many times makes me question whether my basal is set too high. But when I do basal testing and have basal iq off, my line is relatively flat. So I’m not really sure whether it’s common that it keeps activating.

I would think once I’m on control iq, I’m going to see it auto adjust even more.

Yes sounds like you’re basal settings are too high.
However control iq just adds the high corrections.
The low corrections system is the same as what you are already experiencing.

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Actually that’s not true. They’re vastly different. Basal-IQ never had the ability to reduce basal, it’s just a hard stop, hence the need for it to activate often. Basal also resumes the moment your BG changes direction, no matter if it’s just a minor fluctuation. After the system decides you’re not going up after all, it will suspend it again. Control-IQ is a much smarter system on both ends of the spectrum.

But yeah, basal is probably a little high if you constantly need basal suspension so you don’t go low.


Question is whether it is “relatively” flat and keeps you in range overnight…

As @Robyn_H points out, you can be in on/off mode only (B-IQ), but C-IQ will gradually reduce/increase basal based on direction of bg trend.

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It’s weird because when I turn basal iq off overnight, my line is relatively flare and in range. This suggests to me that my basal is correct. However, when I turn basal iq on, it just keeps activating - but if my line is flat, why does it keep activating?

Assume you meant flat.

Can you access pump history data in portal to see details on exact cgm numbers during this time?
If basal is suspended, it is because the cgm data is predicted to be going too low.

When will C-IQ be available??

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Ah yea, autocorrected the wrong word😅

It suspends for like 5 mins intermittently throughout the night - so my cgm graph on my pump looks like a striped curtain. There is a very very mild dip when basal iq activates but when my basal iq is off, there is also the same dips but it eventually recovers. So I suspect if basal iq is off, the line would still be flat.

I’ve tried lowering my basal further but I see my BG trend up so obviously not enough insulin. If I don’t lower it, basal iq just keeps kicking in. It doesn’t sound that this is expected. While ultimately my line is flat and that’s all that matters, I just wonder whether I’m making my pump work that much harder since it keeps triggering the switch and worried once control iq come into play it would be a mess.

Still not sure when control iq is available, I suspect sometime in the next two months. I hear that they are training the medical professionals at the moment.