Control IQ Pump Screens

Today; I started on Control IQ. All day I have had the new home screen but a few minutes ago the screen reverted back to the screen I had with Basal IQ. Anyone else have this issue and what do I do about it. All help appreciated.

got pictures?

Aren’t they the same home screen, besides the colors of the diamond in the corner of the graph, and the time remaining on IOB? I’m confused. Do you mean it’s displaying time remaining again?

I spoke with Tandem and they assured me that my screen is correct. It is the same screen we had with Basal IQ.

The screen in question disappeared so I can’t send pics. That screen had the 1 2 3 across the center of the screen with no other info. The options and bolus were stacked on top of each other. I mistakenly thought it was a new screen for Control IQ. Guess not.


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