Coronavirus Risk to Diabetics by Age

What I don’t see is the % increase for the number of individuals that will unnecessarily “worry themselves to death” over this virus.


Does anyone in that study have type 1?

True, about 90% I think. The Chinese study does not distinguish between type 1 and type 2, so we don’t know whether either type has a higher risk than the other.

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Yes. They made the distinction in the other article that I posted that the ones that passed away were,

Most of the reported deaths in people with diabetes had Type 2 diabetes, were older and had heart and/or lung disease.

So yes, some were type 1. There was no specific added risk for type 1…From that sample size. @Boerenkool

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I’m talking about the Chinese study referred to in the diaTribe article. They don’t distinguish between type 1 and type 2.

No, but it is the best we have to go on at this point. And you have to think that in 20’s and 30’s there would be type 1s in there.

Additionally, you have the other article saying specifically which types of diabetics were tending to die and their age group. Also comorbidities. @Boerenkool

Which article?

Beyond type 1 does not provide a source.


I’m not skeptical. But I know what you mean.

At least

Editor’s Note: This content has been verified by Anne Peters, MD. She is a professor of clinical medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California and the Director of the USC Clinical Diabetes Programs. She runs diabetes centers in Beverly Hills and in underserved East Los Angeles. In addition, she serves on the Beyond Type 1 Science Advisory Committee.

Absolutely, I’m not at all afraid that I’m going to die.

@Boerenkool @katers87

Y’all are killing me. You don’t feel any better? Lol

I know i look like an idiot asking this, but are you being sarcastic? Sorry i’m a bit anxious


I was wondering the same :grin:

Nope, I’m not sarcastic at all.

A professor in particular should know that she should provide proper citations.

Thank you for humoring me. Inflection and tone get lost via the interwebs.

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I don’t really feel like they know enough about the virus to say that the risk level isn’t high for young people with diabetes.

I’ve heard a lot of mixed messages. Some people say age is the most important factor, and others say underlying medical conditions is the more important factor.

I think we’ll understand our risk better in a few weeks. I’ll just telework until then.

The unique aspect of this virus is that the immune system causes the most serious complications. Logically, that feels alarming to me because my immune system (and others’ in my family) already has a history of reacting inappropriately.

I am 100% with you on this, if you can. I’m keeping a low profile too. Only going to work, groceries, home.

I do feel more comforted that the vast majority of material that i’ve read points to age. Only because they’ll say something like “7.3%” of diabetics will die!!!..but then you look at the stats they cite and the deaths are overwhelmingly the aging population, with the added multiplier of a comorbidity.

It’s like…how can you lump me in a group of that 7.3% if 80-90% of the group i’m in is elderly?

I understand. It’ll be nice when there is more data available (though that might mean more people dying… but that may be inevitable).

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