Cortisone injections and high BG's. When do they start rising?

Hi all,
I know there are some threads here about cortisone, but I haven’t found what I’m looking for, so I’m sorry if this is duplicating info…

Anyway, I had a cortisone injection in my hand this am for some stupid trigger finger that came out of the blue. My question is this: Does anyone know how long after the injection one should expect BG’s to start rising? I’ve had cortisone injections in the past, but didn’t have a pump or CGM at the time, and frankly didn’t have good BG control either, therefore never recognized a pattern. Any info would be most appreciated so I can get ahead of this. Thanks in advance, G

I’d like to hear other people’s experiences with this too, I’m waiting for a app’t for a steroid injection in my spine. My endo NP said to check often, and let her know when I’m scheduled for more specific instructions. I’d hate to leave my bg high, but how much does correction help?

I have had injections in my knees and within 1 hour mine started to rise in the high 200’s and stayed there for about 36 hours. You have some control by increasing your insulin doses. Same with a decadron (sp) shot for cold/flu. You also get a rise when you take a steriod pack 7 day pills.

I had several injections into my neck and shoulder twice and found that it went up after a couple of hours and stayed up for about 6 weeks. I counteracted this by taking a hefty dose of insulin before the second time and continued on higher doses of insulin for a while, and the second time I did not have a problem, but I am sure you know, we are all individuals. Testing frequently is the key.

I’ve had both 20 mg and 40 mg injections in my knee. Both started rising in an hour. I took my long acting insulin with me to the doctor’s and took some midday, as soon as I got out to the car, then took more in the evening, total dose first day double normal. The first two weeks my long acting was double normal. My short acting was 133% to triple normal. Constant resistance.
Started cutting long acting first in 2 weeks. It didn’t fully return to normal for many months, but after 3 months it was close.