Counting protein grams

During my last appointment, my diabetes educator said that I should start counting protein grams in addition to carbs to determine the proper bolus. She said that I should count half of the grams of protein and add that to the carbs.

Have any of you heard this before?

I’m a little nervous since I’m prone to lows in the morning (probably caused by my slacker of a pancreas kicking out the little insulin it still produces then) as it is. I think my insulin/carb ratio would change – just because I’d be adding more grams to the count for the same foods I’d counted lower in the past.

I have heard conflicting opinions by doctors and dietitians on this one. Some have said that protein is absolutely “free” and has no effect on BG, and others have said the opposite.

Personally I have found that it has no effect on me. If I bolus for carbs, eat, and still find myself hungry I’ll grab more protein and be fine. Last cookout I had I made hamburgers. After I had two of them I was still hungry so I ate three more without the bun. My BG stayed perfectly within range.

I haven’t seen any responses from protein which I believe is absorbed much slower. But when you think about it, it should work out the same. If you figured your I:C ratio based on protein as well as carbs you would find the ratio(s) that worked for you. If you figured your I:C ratio based on just carbs it would be a different ratio and if correct would get you in target range (at least most of the time!). And it’s one less thing to worry about.