Courses at Meals/Party, Type 1, Insulin Pump

Does anyone else struggle with bolusing correctly during courses at meals? I struggle with this. I start steady or dropping in the 100-130 range and trend up until the apps and meal is over. This continues post meal as well. Does anyone have tips for me? I am a type one Tandem Tslim user. I bolus for my carbs as I go. I wonder if a temp rate would help? Thanks in advance.

I think that while timing isn’t “everything” it actually is important. You may get better results by figuring out how quick your insulin onset actually is and timing your insulin to just be taking action when your food starts taking action. My experience is that this means that I take my humalog 15-30 minutes before my meal and if there are courses that are expected more than 15 minutes apart it might even make sense to take separate boluses for each course.

If you start the meal ok and consistently track up during the meal but you restore a normal blood sugar afterwards indicates that that your food hits your system before your insulin and you might do better advancing your bolus.

thank you @Brian_BSC!