Coverage for Fats and Protein

Have never heard of covering for Fats and Protein, even when I was on a pump. I use Lantus for 24 hour back up. Would dosage be scaled or is this not the idea that is attemping to be stressed. I can be Math impaired at times and to me this would impair me and throw me into depression. Please straighten me out on this. I do not want to carry around a calculator all the time. Nor do I want to mess up my control.

Hi Chele,

Assuming you use Lantus for your basal and a fast acting insulin to bolus, yes, you would scale the fat and protein bolus to cover a portion of your fats and proteins, in addition to your carb bolus. You would have to count carbs, proteins and fats.

Unless you can do math in your head, you would probably need something to calculate the dual bolus. There are a couple of worksheets posted in the TAG Library to help calculate the boluses.

Plus most cell phones have a calculator built in. Thats what I use in a pinch. Its easy, convienient, and most people usually have one with them.

Thanks, never thought of cell phone. So, guess I need to practice on it. 1. What happens when endocrinologist says " not necessary"?. 2 Who would do this scale?