D & d #12

Diabetes and Dialysis #12

So many changes. Oh not in the realm of diabetes or dialysis.

I now have a bouncing baby 10 year old boy rampaging through my house.

Now to be fair that is not true. My grandson has come to live with us and I wish my own kids had been this good at the age of 10! He just started school here in Mississippi yesterday and when he got home from school he nearly tackled me and that is no small feat…lol. You seem to forget so much when you haven’t had a kid in your midst for a while.

On the dialysis front I had my first “out of town” treatment when we went to Boston to pickup the grandson.

Was it different? Yes and no. The center where I went was much bigger than my home center. But all the equipment was the same and the process was pretty much the same. Just some minor differences.

When they changed the bandage over my chest catheder they asked me if I had looked at it. Ah…no. I don’t normally take the dressing off and I especially ain’t gonna do it while I’m on a road trip 1400 miles away from home. Well my catheder was infected…BIG TIME.

I guess the doctors who own this center were right across the street. They got one to come over and look at it. Told him that I had antibiotics with me. When I told him which ones he just told me that is what he would have prescribed and let me hit the road back home.

By the time I got home the infection was clearing up and all was well. Whew!!

Today will be dialysis treatment #61. I have no idea why I am keeping count. Guess I just want to know when I hit that century mark. The grandson actually wants to come to the center to see what these tubes sticking out of my chest are for. I have cleared it with the nurses and now are we need to do is pick the day. That should be interesting.

The AV fistula in my wrist is “maturing” very slowly. But they mentioned on Saturday that they just might give the first stick a shot in another week. So I might finally get this thing out of my neck. Since I have lost weight the things sticks out so much I feel like I am turning into a Borg (if you are not a Star Trek fan that may go right over your head).

So that is where I am. BG are still under control and my A1c is still below 6.0. I go to the endo here in a week or so and I will find out more then.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps anyone who reads it. Neither diabetes or dialysis is the end of life. Just another speed bump. I am just thankful that I live in a time when there is dialysis and insulin to keep me going.

God bless.


hugs Sparky, keep the faith, so glad your grandson is there to complete the family.

Hello there, have heard wonderful things about you. Your talking about this makes it far less intimadating.

Sparky I'm so happy for u and ur g-son! I know that all that worry u had for months disaparted when u gopt him! I'm glad too that ur looking up. That's GREAT! Hugs and kisses

Sparky you know how I feel. We write every day but you are such an inspiration to everyone and,now, I have adopted your grandson. I hope those who are discouraged about this thing called Diabetes reads your blog. Your friend,Reed

Josephine, thanks for commenting. Just wondering though...is it me that this makes less intimadating or the diabetes...lol. Just keep the faith girl you can do it.

Hi Sparky. It must be sooooo different having a 10 year old in the house. My niece is 9 and I know how rambunctious they can be. But the little boy is so blessed that you and Sharon are now caring for him.
The staff really freaks out when your cath is infected. It never happened to me nor did I ever take the dressing off and look at the site. Shoot, why would you take off the dressing and expose it to bacteria? (Well, I guess maybe if you were having symptoms like pain or itching.)
You were lucky they didn't throw you in the hospital. There were always people from my unit going due to infection. Glad it turned out okay.
Now you know that my fistula took a very long time to mature. Also, once they started using it, a couple of times they had to go back to the cath because of clotting problems. They will probably leave the cath in for some time just to be assured that the arm is smooth sailing. When I finally had the cath removed, I was going to go to the state fair that afternoon, but the doc stuck himself with a needle during the procedure and I had to go and wait at the lab for two hours so they could do an HIV test.
I think it's great that your grandson wants to learn more about dialysis. He sounds very inquisitive and intelligent, just like his g'pa.
Much love to you and Sharon.

sparky,You and sharon are such warm, caring npeopele. Your grandson is so blessd and fortun ate to be liing with you now. I am so inspired by your positive, upbeat nature.Keep nb keeping on!!

God bless,