Daily Basal Insulin

As so many have said,it depends. There is no right or wrong amount. But it is very interesting how different we all can be, I am not a younger variety and have been doing this for 48 years. I have been as low as 8 units basal to currently at 11 units basal each day over the past 12 months. So much plays into this and I basal test often. And if the amount holds you flat, it’s the right amount. I do have hard facts but I do seem to remember taking more “basal” (Lente) back when I was a kid vs what I am doing as an older adult. But I also have a lot more knowledge and insight to this whole thing. So if it’s working for him, it’s the right amount. Keep in mind, it is a moving target!

Your feedback has really helped me. I know everyone is going to be different, but I can’t help but wonder if older people need more basal units. I’m not looking for a certain demographic. I really wanted to hear from all ages. Thanks again.

My rates have hardly changed between 96 and today. I can’t speak for my basal rates prior to '96 because I was on MDI and that’s just not comparable. Wiser folks than me have written often over the years, that pumping requiring roughly 20% basal insulin than when using long-acting insulins. I find that to be a fairly accurate statement, given my personal experience.
Around these parts, my opinion means little, however. I rarely get “likes” and anything that I write, that is responded to with the opposite OPINION (not talking about facts now) will garner quite a few “likes”. This forum and I don’t really jell. :slight_smile: I can live with it, btw.

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I haven’t needed under 20 units for basal since I was a kid. So it’s definitely individual. I wonder if there’s a difference between those diagnosed as kids versus adults.

These days my basal is 40-70 units depending on a variety of things like hormones, activity levels, how many carbs I’m eating, weight gain/loss, status of other chronic illnesses, even the seasons has an effect!