Dance starting up again and low blood sugars and hypo unaware

Startup up a dance intensive this week and have had to WAY cut back on settings, we had gone through a month of highs and majorly increased her dose from 25 to 40 units a day ( teen hormones, blah blah) but now she's super low again, 41 in the morning the past two mornings, goes we're seeing the delayed low from exercise?? Going to cut back basals today, but maybe we will have to redo everything again?? getting low after corrections and low two hours after eating as well... what is everyone else seeing with summer sports? do you have your schedules set for sports in the fall yet? Is a drop in insulin use from 40 back to 30 units a day typical? ( this is four hard hours of dance daily)

Hey Natalie, I hope Kennedy is having a great summer. My daughter danced for many years. Even at Kennedys age, she would be drenched with sweat when she was done. Dancers make it look so easy but it's tough. I would think that an increase in dance hours any time of year would cause a dramatic cut back in basal need.

You're describing about basically a 25% reduction in basal - that sounds reasonable, to me, for that much of an increase in activity. My endo told me that it basically depends on the person and the activity but he's seen a range of patients who cut their basal by 25% all the way to those who suspend their basal for a period of time.

Same here my TDI is something like 15.5 for my basal rates, and Im STILL running on the low side. I've had to really fix all my I:C ratios too. Im doing like 1:16 now. LOL don't know what's going on but Im enjoying it. I hate when my insulin needs go way up

Unfortunately I dont have strenous activities as an excuse. Not sure what is up with me.

I went through a wierd phase of highs early in the summer, maybe b/c I'd been running 10+ miles most weekends for a while but the marathon training group starts at 7-8-10-8-12 so there were a few cutback weeks? I'd also been running in the AM instead of the evening, figuring it would help beat the heat. That was change and I figured it would go lower. Just in the last couple of weeks (14-10-16 this weekend...) my BG have been low constantly so I'd turned the basals down and, today, I was still low so I cranked them down another notch. I still use temp basals but, the way things have been running, I've been turning them lower, "lucky 7%" or "lucky 13%" insted of 50-75% which I'd been doing more. I've also been eating more carbs, as I've jacked up the weightlifting and also switched from elliptical to jumping rope (20 minutes is the longest so far...I keep thinking I'll push it more but w/ the long runs, I don't want to kill myself!) so those elements might be contributing. Most of the time, I'm being more conservative w/ carb counts, again trying to elude the lows but they seem to be really pernicious. I don't mind the adjustments but usually, I kick it down a notch and it falls into place but, after today, it's about the third notch?

I know what you mean AR, I'm perfectly comfortable with tweaking here and there, but my rates keep going down, and down and is there a bottom to this??? Only thing I am doing differently my internal med doctor just prescribled me Ultram and Flexeril for my chronic low back pain. But there were in the process of going down before that too, so I just don't know.

OT but have you tried Voltaren? I think it's pricey but I got some for a sprained ankle last year, telling the doc I wanted to get back to running ASAP, and it worked AWESOME and also cleared up my back thing (from field goal kicking in 2006) and neck issues (work phone neck...).

For me what really reduces insulin needs, is not brief intensive activity, but long extended but less intense activity. e.g. Painting the house 8 hours a day, or doing a lot of extended work in the yard, I really have to drop all my doses in advance or it's hypo city. I imagine dance is similar maybe a little more intense.

No I haven't tried that one. I have a REALLY high tolerance to pain medications, I can pop Vicoden like candy due to a car accident I was in several years ago, and it doesnt do much for me. I'm looking at having knee surgery probaby this winter, and I dont want to take Percocet all the time mainly because it works REALLY good, but lol it also kind of makes me useless. I've had both Ultram and Flexeril in the past and they work good for just that annoying pain.

wow, sorry it took me sol long to see this! You're quite the athlete, for sure. You wear a dex too?

It looks like you might be asking me? I have a Medtronic Paradigm CGM rather than the dex, if you were asking me. I got the Medtronic pump and like it and went with that CGM, although I was aware by that time that a lot of people seem to prefer the Dexcom. I seem to get ok results with it and it's very useful for running, as there's less gizmos to lug around so I have room for all the other stuff on my "batman utility belt"

LOL at "great athlete" as I'm way past my prime. After the 20 mile run today, my ankles were killing me so I went to the running shoe store to see if a "thicker", "stability" shoe (instead of "neutral plus") might alleviate that but I ran in a shoe and he said "your in the right shoe, it's just with those runs your going to find everything hurts" which made me feel better because he was about 20. I'm sure he runs 75% faster than I do! At the shorter distances, I can push about 1/2 the world record but have only done one marathon and blew up (finished but SLOW! I beat the pregnant lady though!) so I'm giving it another try this year. I have worked out 5-6 days/ week for a few years now, maybe since 2007? Mostly fending off the "Grim Reaper"