Data analysis tips?

Hi All, finally got kennedy’s pod synced with abbot software and added our CDE to our health provider list.

How often does everyone analyze data and upload?

How often does everyone request endo review numbers?

( They told us they want to see weekly trends, not to jump on just a single day of numbers)

How often do you redo all of your ratio and basal testing?

What are the keys to analyzing weekly data that have helped you improve your control?

If you have a low and treat with carbs, how do you then later convey carbs not counted in omnipod for your CDE to later see? Adding a tag like " 12 carbs not counted" or something like that?

Overall Kennedy’s blood sugars have been more stable, less lows, for sure. But we have had highs every four days or so that are WAY over what we ever saw with MDI. Like 400, 350 and those kinds of numbers.

Overall her average bs is 145 or something like that, which I think is overall better.

we are feeling comfortable doing corrections three hours after a meal, her insulin action is set for three hours, but I’m not sure if that’s quite right.

What about those times that you ARE high two hours after a meal, say 250 or something? Do you do a SMALLER correction then than the full?

Our cde has told us to do the FULL correction at the third hour, so that we can see if the pump is doing its job.

Feeling a bit fuzzy about evening corrections also…

We have not stratified our weekly regimen from our weekend, but I can see that we are going to need to do that sometime soon. Does everyone use more insulin on weekends? Seems like we eat out on weekends, and then eat at home mostly during the week.

Who’s using omnipod AND dexcom??? How has dexcom added to your control??