" Dawn Phenomenon " ... Breakfast...How do you deal with dawn'ing?

I don’t experience a high reading upon waking than what I’ve gone to bed with, however,my insulin does nothing to cover breakfast. I must either engage in something with [zero] carbs, or skip it altogether.

I’ve been taking 16 units of Lantis before bed, and wondering if I could experiment with spliting this, doing 8 units at night, 8 in the morning? Or what would happen if I begin taking all 16 units in the morning instead.

Anyway, I’m posting this under foods, recipes and eating habits as I’d like some ideas for breakfasts on the move. I get up ridiculously early and don’t have a lot of time to eat at home. The cereal bar is my best bet as far as convenience - can be eaten while commuting, but not so good in terms of what it seems to do to my levels.

This morning I had a handful of almonds, but I’d like some variety. Any ideas for convenient, low-to-no-carb breakfasts?

Skipping even during a Dawn can cause a low then a high. You can break apart you “24 hour” insulin ( I use that term loosely). You might also want to take a bolus or humalog or humilin (novolog or novolin) to get you through that mid morning bg rise.

Hi Jenna,
I have a couple of suggestions. My daughter uses a low carb protein drink. I am sure there are several brands that would work, but what she uses is the EAS, low carb, chocolate fudge one in a silver colored box. It has 17 grams of protein, 4 carbs and 110 calories She slips a straw in it and drinks it on the way home from work at 7 am. She also backs it up with some cheese cubes. Jarlsbergh has no carbs. Cheddar comes in either no carbs or 1 carb servings also. And I am sure there are others that are the same or pretty close. She carries the cheese cubes in a plastic zip lock bag so it is easy to eat out of it while driving.
I shoot my Lantus at night and in the morning. But i don’t split my dose. I need too much of it.to split it. I do use differing amounts for each though. Do you use any fast acting insulin as well? I shoot Humalog after meals also.
My daughter works nights and comes home to go to bed soon after she eats, so doesn’t eat a lot for breakfast. But her blood sugar goes too low if she doesn;'t eat on a regular schedule. She makes up for it when she gets up though.
I am a day person and need a bigger breakfast to carry me through until lunch. My favorite, in the car food is a slice of 12 grain bread with peanut butter. You can fold it over if you find it messy and add more or less peanut butter. But this will give you carbs from the whole grain bread and carbs from the peanut butter However, I find this really helps me through the morning. The Lantus will not act quickly enough to handle the whole grain bread and peanut butter. But if you are having difficulty making it through the morning, you might ask your doctor about a fast acting insulin if you are not on one. I hope this helps.

tell you the truth - I have better results by changing my DINNER. on a “normal” day my carb ratio is 4:1 for breakfast, so even with a light meal I bolus ~10 units of insulin. o yea I will also bolus about 15 mins BEFORE breakfast, never after in the morning or I’ll never catch the spike.

If I cut or at least watch my dinner (certain fats change everything) I can use a more reasonable morning bolus (8:1). If I have a very low fat dinner my AM bolus is closer to 10:1.

you can easily split a lantus dose but I wouldn’t move the 16U to the morning. it takes a bit to get going and could make it worse for you!

Take care and good luck.

I take 10 units of Lantus at bedtime due to going to low at night and waking up with a spike in morning, and then 60 units at lunch now. This routine has worked a lot better for me and I pretty much stay between 90-140 at all times even after meals along with Humalog and Symlin. Before I did the Lantus this way I was having a lot of trouble with my sugars.

I tried taking humalog 15 min BEFORE breakfast this morning. it absolutely worked. thanks!

Just when I think diabetes can’t get anymore complicated! So you find that lower fat meals at dinner lower your insulin requirements for breakfast the next morning? Do you think the opposite could be true for some people…? Just wondering because I’ve had a few really high post-breakfast blood sugars with no good explanation.

I think what is really unique is that we can change dosages of different types of insulin and times that we take it to match the way our bodies respond to whatever we take in. What works for one person might not work for another, but as we go along we learn how to juggle times and types. It doesn’t really matter when we take the insulin so long as we match our differing spikes. This was totally impossible for me on pills. I was never able to get anything under control. They simply didn’t work for me. With insulin I am able to really keep things under control and my last A1C was 5.6 I think my body has a really strange long process in the way it handles food. And it took quite a while for us to learn when to shoot. We tried the before meal shots, but the insulin peaked too soon for the way my body digests food. I do better with the after meal Humalog and the long slow coverage of the Lantus for all day control. And i really need the large dose of Lantus for the night. So I guess what I want to say is that whatever way you find works the best for you is the way to go. Just make sure to get all of your meals and don’t skip any, even breakfast. Good luck.