Depression and Unemployment

My wife and I have been married for 18 1/2 yrs and we been through some tough times before we both paid all the bill and the company she had work for 19 yrs laid here off in Janurary, it was ok at first but now I’m worred about everything.Now I’ved gained weight due to a new medication and it caused my A1C to go up. I so stressed out and depressed because my wife can’t find a job I know it’s not her faught that nobody’s hiring, I’m working and my wife seams like she’s not worried about how everything going to get paid.I’m at my breaking point.I 've had thoughts of sucide can someone please help me I jusy need a friend to talk to.


thanks for sharing with us. We cannot make the problems go away but most of us here know the kind of pain you are feeling. Being laid off is so horrible, and I think you have to remember that your wife need sot be upbeat or she will not likely find a new job. It is good that she is not down right now.

I know that when I have thoughts of suicide, I have to remember that if i ride it out, it will go away. I know you are under terrible stress, but are you seeing a therapist? If not check out the local mental health society they can direct you to lower cost therapy.

Let me know how you are gettign along in a day or so.

Rick Phillips

I am very sorry to hear about your struggles. Believe me I know what it is like when it gets bad and you just feel like you don’t care, no one care and you should just die. That is not the answer, think of the struggles if that were to happen. You are not in your boat alone, trust me. This economy sucks, we just had a multiple business loss of around $80,000 last year and now with the economy I am sure it will be way more. My low-paying job is the only steady income we have and we have a mortgage I can’t pay with that alone. I just pray that we can keep our house somehow. I know many people that have been with a company for a long time and have been unfortunately laid off, it sucks you would think that long-term devotion to a job would mean something but these days it does not. They just don’t want to pay for the benefits a long-term employee has earned! A good friend of mine just lost their home, which they has saved for and built, due to a lay off. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know that things look bleak but there is always a silver lining. It may be a tiny tiny lining but things will get better. Have you thought of some financial counseling or personal counseling? Are there any programs in your area through the state that can help? Diabetes is very hard and when issues pile up it is horrible, please keep in touch and do not forget we are here for you.

I’m so glad you shared your story Cory. It helps to talk it out. My experience with depression, was the right medication can really help to correct those imbalances in the brain. But I do know that it can be tricky to get on the right medication. The same things don’t work for everyone. Wellbutrin is what finally lifted my deep depression, but that was after trying a couple different ones. And I had to wait a month for each one to see if it worked. One that worked wonders for my daughter, Effoxer, made my depression the worst ever. I didn’t shower or leave couch for days. When I had thoughts of suicide, thinking it would make my family’s life easier, I did realize, after knowing of other families that had dealt with suicide by a family member, that it didn’t help them. Your family will never get over it, and probably blame themselves. That is the worst thing u could do right now. I now try to think what would happen in worst case scenario, re: loosing house, and then ask myself. Would it be the end of the world, the answer to me is always no…it’s always more important to have those special people in our lives. Life changing experiences, usually end up having us appreciate what we do have more, and realize that living with less can sometimes be a blessing. I agree counselling helps, it helped me a lot…and the life skills you’ll learn from dealing with this now, will continue to help you the rest of your life.
So keep talking and getting medical assisantance. I know it seems like the depression will never lift, and you will always feel this way, but you can get through this and start feeling a million times better. I’ve seen what suicide leaves behind, and even though I know it’s a disease, it always seems like a seflish move to me, as the victim doesn’t realize the devastation it does to all who know and love them, and given the choice in losing you or your house, the answer would always be lose the house, keep the love.

Take Care,

While I do have a job, I had emergency open heart surgery on 2/6/09, and only had 6 weeks of disability. My husband and I are making it pay check to pay check, so any loss of income is disaster. I pushed to go back to work after 8 weeks, using vacation time for the last two weeks. I just came back to work, and think I should have waited another week. I have been to my breaking point too. Just remember, suicide is not the answer…it causes too much pain for those left behind, which is a lot worse than anything. What kind of work does she do? Could she get something part time at Wal-Mart, McDonalds, etc? I know I kind of fixate on my problems until I go nuts. I have learned to do something I enjoy, like reading a book, playing games on the computer, something that does not cost anything…It seems to help lift me out of the depression pit for a while. Hang in there…too many people would miss you if you were not here.

Hey Cory,
Hope all is well. I’m probably about to join in the Deep Depression group. I got fired yesterday for the first time in my life Out today dropping off resumes. Keep in touch, I could use someone to talk to as well.

Have a great day!

Sorry to hear about your job loss. My husband got laid off on Tuesday. His boss called him as he was driving home! I had just gone back to work after being off having had open heart surgery. These days it seems whenever you think you are getting by, something happens. Are you able to get umemployment? May you find something soon!


I am in the Atlanta area, do you want to meet to talk face to face sometime? I know how hard it has been for you lately and your work hours have been crazy but if I can be a support for you, let me know.

I didn’t mean for my story to sounf like i wanted pitty, I don’t blame my wife for her getting laid off .She work for KFC for 19 years , she had applied every where and no 1 is hiring she get a little umemployment check and we had to get food stamps . I just having a hard time dealing with all of this my stress level is a very point and I getting very depressed and I don’t know what else to do.

When my mother was going through a bad divorce with my father when I was a child, her lawyer said something like worrying about what you cannot control only gives you more grey hairs. Maybe this advice will help some in this tough time. Remember life is so short, (I know since I am a type one that my life will on average be 7 years shorter than non-type 1s) so try to find some enjoyment now. Maybe you and your wife could go on a walk once a day and you two can discuss eachother’s plans right now or schedules. I have been frustrated with my work situation as of late, too. I have been doing a lot of temp jobs since I received a pink slip. As always, my sugars are not following patterns that I can see. Maybe it would help to get one of those cables for my one touch to download the info instead of writing my sugars down.

Hey Cathy, Sorry it took me so long to reply but the only way i get to use a computer is at the library and i haven’t had a chance to get there. I so sorry u got fired plz keep me in touch and let me no when u find a job because I care .I would like to becomes friends,my wife still hasent found a job so I’m doing the best I can and work when they schule me to that’s only about 20 to 25 hrs a wk.PLz keep in touch.

Corey, How are you now? I was just laid off and can relate.

Cory, I recently joined and just came across this post. I thought I would say hello first. I am not sure you check your account but if you do, let me know. Might be nice to talk.

every problem has a solution, if it has no solution, then it’s not a problem… it’s reality… you have to accept reality and move on…